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5 Best Blinds For Seniors!

I truly have a soft spot in my heart for seniors.  I could sit and listen to the stories they tell all day.  Who doesn't love hearing how "back in their day they walked five miles in the snow, up hill both ways to school"?  They always have a great piece of advice or sometimes its a little crazy.  But you can't help but appreciate the lives that they have lived.  With that being said, with age sometimes things become harder to do.  And something that we may think is easy, like opening the blinds, can become difficult.  These are Factory Direct best blinds for seniors.


1. Verticals

sliding door9


Not only do our verticals come in hundreds of patterns and colors, but they are light and extremely easy to open and close.  They also are very inexpensive to replace.


2. Cellular Shades or Honeycomb Shades

cell shade8


These shades are very light and come in a variety of light filtering options, including blackout.


3. Basswood Horizontal Blinds

fall blog7


These are much lighter then faux wood blinds, which make lifting the blinds up and down as easy as pie.  They also are available with no holes for room darking and complete privacy.


4. Woven Woods



Woven Woods or Bamboo shades are also very light and extremely decorative.  They are available cordless, which is perfect for when the grandchildren come to visit!


5. Roller Shades

purple blind5

Roller Shades or a solar screen are also available cordless, and can be the perfect window covering for a sun room.


Window coverings should not be a hassle regardless of  your age, and Factory Direct is here to help. Our staff is here to assist you with any questions.


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