5 Signs that You Need New Blinds

5 Signs that You Need New Blinds
Some things need to go out with dignity. Even if they have served you well for years, you do not owe them a long life. They are in pain and they need to leave you in peace. I am talking about your window treatments here. Your poor mangled blinds have been through enough. They do not need to be humiliated with duct tape and glue. Here are the top 5 signs that it is time to let your window treatments go.

1. Warping


When your blinds start melting off of the window, don't you dare touch that iron! If you are holding onto cheap blinds because you don't want to spend more money then oh boy, do I have some news for YOU. Factory Direct Blinds gives you high quality products at low prices. No warping and  no hassle, it is the smartest choice for your window.

2. Dents by Maniacal Dogs


This dog. Such a smug look of dominance. He knows what he is doing. He even waited by the window to see his owners initial reaction. You have power that he doesn't have.. The power to use your thumbs and toss those blinds straight into the trash. Come home in a couple weeks with extremely durable Faux Wood Blinds and wait for your dogs initial reaction.

4. Breaking by Proud Dogs


There is no salvation here. You can put the glue gun back in the drawer because this dog will only do it again. Ears back and smile wide, Spot couldn't be happier with the outcome here. Roman Shades are a fantastic solution to this problem. They are light weight and easy to pull up and they are quiet durable against determined dogs!

4. Twin Babies


Once they start walking, then you have to take a second look around at the breakables they can reach. You might as well start with your blinds because these will quickly become your child's favorite toy. I  have personally seen a 1 year old with the strength of a young ox tear at these Vertical Blinds.  The outcome? No mess. These blinds are not a toy that can be broken!

5. Out Dated.


I am stressed. These make me hurt. I need to talk to my therapist or go for a walk because I am getting light headed. Solar Shades let the light in and they look amazingly modern.

When you are googling ways to repair your blinds and just winging it, that is the number ultimate sign to get new window treatments.  The best place to start is with Factory Direct Blinds! Call them up to talk about options, prices and have a laugh about your rascal dog.  (909)355-2546

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