7 Advantages of Custom Window Blinds

7 Advantages of Custom Window Blinds
Whether you’re shopping in-store or buying online, you have many choices for where and how you get your window blinds. Before you select a standard vertical blind or shade, you should know the benefits of ordering personalized coverings. Custom blinds are window treatments that are specially made to fit any shape, style or size window in your home. Whether you’ve had difficulty finding attractive options for a large bay window or need several coverings in a specific color, working with a blind and shade manufacturer will help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Top Benefits of Custom Blinds

1. Personalized Style Options

Buying direct from the manufacturer gives you more style flexibility than purchasing from a big box or department store. Since window blind designers have access to a variety of finishes, textures and product types, you have the freedom to select from a virtually infinite number of combinations. Find fabric, wood tone and wood grain vertical blinds in both cordless and corded options, or attractive and durable faux wood blinds that fit long, slender windows or small, compact openings. Whatever your window personality, you will find a beautiful treatment to match it.

2. Endless Color and Design Choices

In addition to a series of materials, you can also access a spectrum of color choices. While you can purchase several neutral tones, such as off-white, cream and alabaster, you’ll also find your favorite shade style in bold hues like garnet red, forest green and navy. Should you prefer patterns, select from an array of floral, toile and quatrefoil designs.

3. Ideal Fit

Blind manufacturers work off accurate measurements to create a custom fit. By providing the exact window height and width, you will receive treatments that perfectly adorn any style opening. The ability to choose from an inside or outside mount and several headrail options makes treatments look tidy and seamless. Creating an online or in-house account with the company will save your numbers, so you can access them in the future.

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4. Energy Efficiency

When your coverings fit better, less heat, cold and sunlight will enter your home. Benefits include lower energy bills and an interior that feels more comfortable. Since you can order light filtering, blackout and solar shades, you can further increase your heat-blocking power. These features are invaluable for large homes and residences in warm climates.

5. Quality Manufacturing

Manufacturers only offer the highest quality materials. You will have access to the finest wood grain and fabric available, so your shades and blinds will last for years to come. Knowing you’re investing in a valuable product will empower you to choose the styles and materials that work best for your home. You can also ask your manufacturer about financing options. Some purchases are eligible for no payments and no interest for six months, so it’s easy to budget for your ideal choice.

6. Easy Ordering

Most companies provide convenient online ordering. Explore styles, fabrics and colors in the comfort of your home and take the time to measure your windows’ height and width on your schedule. Once you’re done, simply input your numbers on your favorite window covering page and click on the mount type, headrail and cord options that are best for your needs. You can also label your windows by name, so you know which treatments are intended for each opening once you receive you order.

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7. Convenient Delivery

Online manufacturers deliver your blinds directly to your door. Some companies even offer free, quick shipping and no sales tax. Consult with your provider to understand their shipping policy. The most innovative and service-oriented businesses will make and send your treatments in as little as 1-5 business days.

There are so many benefits to choosing a custom window blind manufacturer. Get started by finding a reputable company online. When you complete your search, visit their website to explore their shipping, financing and product options. If you’re unsure about which color or fabric you desire, ask about free samples. Holding a piece of quality roller shade, basswood blind or zebra shade in your hand can help you make an excellent final decision.

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