A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Blinds for Your Home Gym

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Blinds for Your Home Gym
Exercising at home is an excellent way to stay in shape without having to attend a weekly fitness class or invest in a gym membership. If you go this route, you may decide to turn your garage or a spare interior room into a home gym. There’s no need to break your budget or remodel—the fitness experts at Shape recommend starting with inexpensive yet useful and impactful equipment such as adjustable dumbbells, resistance bands, and a jump rope. Foam rollers, balance discs, and stability balls can also help to enhance your workout and recovery, no matter your level of fitness. 

After you buy the right equipment, you’ll need a plan to keep all of it stored and organized. A walk-in closet is an excellent place to store your stretching essentials and free weights. If you have a small space, you may also choose to place items along the walls or house them within large plastic containers. 

You’ll also want to keep the mood energized, uplifted, and positive while you exercise. For this reason, ensure the look of the room is bright and cheerful. You can do this by letting in as much natural light as possible. Plenty of sunlight improves your wellness and safety while using gym equipment, all while helping you stay inspired. Many people keep their windows open while they exercise, but you may need a little more privacy. It doesn’t matter what type of fitness personality you have—there is a shade or blind for everyone. 

If you’re ready to shop, read our following guide to window coverings for home gyms and their dedicated athletes. By choosing from our preferred selection of shades and blinds, your gym will stay bright without letting others see inside. You’ll also enhance the ambiance of the room, which can help you meet your fitness goals and challenge yourself.  

Take a Look at Your Windows

Step 1: Take a Look at Your Windows 

Before you purchase the right blinds, you need to know which kind is considered best for your windows. Start by making note of the shape and size. You should also review whether they’re all the same windows or different from each other. While you’re doing your inspection, it’s a good idea to measure your blinds. If you take the length and width of your windows, you’ll purchase the right size while giving yourself the freedom to order custom window coverings. 

Now that you know the basics, decide whether you prefer an inside or outside mount. The difference in style is much like it sounds: inside mount blinds hang flush inside your window, while outside mounted ones are installed on the outer part of it. Finally, decide what color you want. You can never go wrong with neutral colors, which match most homes’ complete interior design scheme. Their light color also helps to keep the gym looking fresh and clean. If another hue excites or inspires you, there’s good news: most styles of window coverings come in a spectrum of colors. 

You’re not limited to the basics just because you have a home gym. According to the psychology professionals at VeryWell Mind, different colors are known to evoke a variety of moods. Go ahead and choose yellow blinds to give the room warmth and energy. If you’re a tai chi or yoga fan, blue shades will provide a calming feeling. Orange is an uplifting and enthusiastic color, while shades of brown can stimulate feelings of motivation and strength. Pick whatever speaks to you and inspires you to return to your home gym. 

Know What You’re Searching For

Step 2: Know What You’re Searching For 

The blinds that you choose for your kitchen or family room are not the same as your workout space. Besides privacy and beauty, there are a few unique benefits that you’re looking for in window coverings for a home gym. First, you want your shades to be durable. Since your room may become warm or face direct sunlight, you don’t want them susceptible to temperature changes or fading. 

It’s also important that your blinds keep your room as cool as possible while still letting in enough sunlight. They should also resist humidity and moisture, just in case you sweat or decide to do a little hot yoga. Finally, make sure they’re safe and easy to maneuver. Cordless shades are an excellent choice because they won’t snag on gym equipment. They’re also safer for kids and pets. 

You should know that certain types of window coverings are easier to pull up and down than others. Take note of the advantages and attributes you need. Combined with your window details and measurements, you’ll be ready to shop for the ideal blinds for your home gym. 

Select From the Best

Step 3: Select From the Best Home Gym Blinds 

A few styles of window coverings are more popular among athletes and workout enthusiasts. These include roller shades, which are preferred because they’re both sleek and durable. While they’re available in high-quality fabric, they are also a top choice because they’re made with vinyl material. Roller shades made with vinyl are easy to clean, as well as more resistant to humidity and moisture than other window coverings made for home gyms. Rollers are also convenient because they fit in a variety of window sizes. They’re easy to pull up and down with one hand, can be made cordless, and look great in neutral colors. Plus, they’re effective at blocking glare, limiting sunlight, and providing privacy. 

One of the most popular versions of roller shade is the solar shade. These innovative screens are attractive in a variety of colors and block up to 99 percent of heat and glare from sunlight. Workout day or night in any type of weather. You’ll enjoy the ambiance of your natural environment without being seen or becoming uncomfortable. 

If you have long or large windows, choose vertical blinds. They completely cover big areas, as well as sliding glass doors. They’re also easy to open with a flick of a wand or pull of a cord. When you want to let in natural light, tilt the wand with your fingers. You’ll be able to enjoy the day without being seen by onlookers. Some models are even available cordless. The best choice is high quality PVC, which is both affordable and durable in a variety of conditions. Plus, they’re available in many colors so you can find the right look. 

When you want to feel a little more lavish, consider Roman shades. They look stylish in almost any room and also come in vibrant prints and bold colors. Light filtering liners will add temperature and glare control to your luxury experience. They’ll also make your home gym feel more private. 

When you’re looking for something basic yet functional, cellular shades are a great option. Their classic look and neutral color scheme is not only an excellent choice for a workout space but for any room in your home. Single cell light filtering blinds offer plenty of sunlight and security, while double cell models will make it a little darker and more cool. Whichever type you choose, you’re sure to enjoy both fashion and easy operation. Cordless features are available on a variety of cellular shade models. 

Order Your Blinds

Step 4: Order Your Blinds 

Now that you know which blinds you want, it’s time to order them online. It’s easiest to shop by the shade of your choice. Select it by name, then navigate to your style options. For instance, our Roman shades come in Elegant, Victorian, and Bold, among others. If you’re searching for roller shades, we have everything from vinyl blackout blinds to premiere solar screens. Browse on your schedule for as long as you’d like. Make note of the colors and patterns that fit your style preferences. 

Once you make your final choice, select a size by the length and width of your choice. Some shades and blinds even allow you to provide custom measurements. When you’re done picking a size, you’ll select a color. Some of the most popular hues for home gym window coverings include white, cream, and silver. This is also the time to pick between an inside or outside mount. Some shades will allow you to select from certain control styles or headrail options. You’ll also get to choose from light filtering liners. 

As their name suggests, blackout liners will eliminate the most heat and light. You may decide to choose these blinds if your room gets exceptionally warm or faces the sun. You’ll also like blackout shades if you keep them open while you exercise. Since you don’t need the coverings while you work out, your main goals will be to maintain privacy and help your room stay cool and comfortable. They’re also ideal for home gyms that double as offices, game rooms, or bedrooms. Light filtering liners will keep much of the heat out. They will, however, let more light in than blackout shades do. Select these if you want the perfect combination of ambiance and security. 

Install Your Blinds

Step 5: Install Your Home Gym Blinds 

Once you order your ideal blinds, they’ll arrive quickly. By preparing for the installation process beforehand, you will be able to start working out as soon as possible. Read our how to install guide, which includes step-by-step instructions for putting up vertical blinds, Roman shades, and cellular shades. There’s also a guide for roller shades and horizontal blinds. 

With the right tools and our tips, you’re sure to have your blinds up in no time. There are a couple of other ways you can ensure you love your window coverings. In the first few days, try working out with them all the way up, as well as completely down. Find the right combination of temperature and light control to fit your needs at the different times of day you exercise. The more you get to know your shades, the better you can customize your workout. After all, comfort is essential to doing your best and meeting your fitness goals. 

Creating the Ideal Home Gym With Quality Blinds  

When you first envisioned your home gym, you may not have thought about the color or style of your shades or blinds. However, the right window coverings are more important to a workout space than most athletes realize. Without the appropriate shades to adorn your room, you may become distracted by outdoor activity or get too warm. It’s also possible that you have too much glare while you lift weights and run on the treadmill. If your gym faces a busy street or a neighbor’s house, you may also need privacy. Plus, you’ll want to keep your entire house secure both during the day and at nighttime. 

Treat your home gym as you would any other room in your home—a stylish space that deserves quality, durable blinds. Make sure they’re moisture-resistant, then consider light filtering or blackout liners. When you consider your ideal workout experience, envision your entire home’s interior décor and you’re sure to find the right shades for your needs and preferences. 

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