A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Blinds for Your Nursery

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Blinds for Your Nursery
When you’re expecting a child, there is so much to do, dream about and consider. One of the most fun projects during those nine months of waiting is designing your baby’s nursery. If you’re like many parents, everything you choose for your child’s room and place on your baby registry will be inspired by your desire to give them the best in comfort, happiness and safety. 

Your newborn will need daily love and care, as well as plenty of feedings, cuddle sessions and diaper changes. That’s why the top baby supplies and hottest décor for today’s infants are able to combine chic style with serious function. Some of the most important items on your nursery decorating list will include window coverings, which are essential to keeping your nursery safe, stylish and comfortable. 

While the process seems simple, selecting nursery window treatments for babies isn’t the same as picking your own. Yes, you should try to match your crib set, as well as your bedding and artwork. However, a fashionable look is far from your blinds’ biggest benefit. Quality blinds will help control the room’s temperature, ensuring that it never gets too hot or cold. This is an especially important detail for newborns, who are particularly susceptible to the slightest changes in temperature. Durable, beautiful blinds will also give you privacy day and night, so you’re not nursing or putting baby to bed with the windows wide open. 

nursery with lacy curtains

If these advantages aren’t enough, the right window coverings can also make it easier for your child to nap and sleep. Certain materials will help parents block out glare and sunlight for those newborn naps, which occur several times per day. As you browse window treatments or add them to your baby registry, we want you to make sure they’re right for your family. The following guide is full of tips and considerations to ensure you make the right investment. After all, custom fit, stylish blinds will last for years to come—and they’ll also help to make each moment of your baby’s life more relaxing and stress-free. 

Make Safety a Priority 

As much as we try to keep them safe, infants and toddlers are highly vulnerable to household hazards. Unfortunately, accidents involving nursery window blinds are a leading cause of injury in children under 6 years of age. You can prevent an issue in your household by monitoring your child around your windows at all times. Next, work on selecting beautiful window coverings with added safety features. Cordless shades are a safe option because there are no strings or wands hanging from the blind itself. They’re also among the most popular and stylish types of blinds on the market today. Simply pull down on the slats when you want more privacy and then push the bottom portion upward when you are seeking natural light. 

Browse the different cordless styles with your partner—or see if your favorite window coverings come with a cordless option. Cellular blinds have a lot to offer to new moms and dads because they’re both easy to use and dynamic. Their classic honeycomb look fits both traditional and modern nurseries. The light filtering material also allows the perfect amount of glowing, natural light in while keeping harsh glare and heat outside. 

different cordless styles graphic

Top-down, bottom-up styles of cellular blinds are trending with parents because they help keep the coverings away from baby’s body and face without much effort. This feature also allows you to let in natural light while playing, reading or doing diaper changes. Other popular cordless styles include roller shades, basswood blinds and faux wood blinds. You can also find woven wood shades, vertical blinds and pleated shades without cords. 

Floor length draperies add an opulence to baby rooms, but they can be dangerous for small children. After all, babies and toddlers love to pull and climb. Instead of adding length, consider a thicker type of fabric to enhance the elegance of your space. You can also try matching your blinds with shorter styles of curtains. If you must have longer window treatments, have a plan for keeping them up while baby plays. Curtain tie backs come in a variety of materials and finishes to match your décor scheme. 

Work with Your Windows 

baby nursery dual windows

Next, take a look at each of the windows in your baby’s room. Are they particularly large, elongated or irregularly shaped? Do you have different styles of windows throughout the nursery? This evaluation is important because some blinds match better with certain types of frames. For example, roller shades and pleated shades look neat and tidy on small and skinny windows. In contrast, solar shades are an excellent choice for large windows, especially ones facing the front of the home. 

If your nursery has expansive windows or a sliding glass door, consider vertical blinds, which are a smart selection for families. They’re easy to maneuver, come in various cordless styles and effortlessly keep glare out of your home while allowing you and your baby to see outside. Vinyl material is easy to clean, while fabric panels add both warmth and softness to your child’s space. You are also able to choose from several different colors—white isn’t your only option for vertical slats.  

Match with Your Theme and Décor  

Many new moms start designing their nursery based on a theme. If you’re still brainstorming, you can begin with a certain color or an intriguing pattern. You may also decide to feature a favorite animal. For additional inspiration, some of the most popular nursery themes for baby boys include nautical, woodland and zoo. 

designing your nursery theme graphic

Today’s new parents also like to adorn their little boy’s room with their favorite sports team, a pack of whimsical dinosaurs or timeless, traditional patterns such as stars and stripes. If you’re having a baby girl, you may decide to go with a beach, boho or princess design. Ombre, polka dots and Damask are also trendy choices for moms and dads who want a more feminine look. 

Parents who like bold hues can find Roman shades in a spectrum of prints and solid colors, including soft green, golden yellow and eye-catching coral. You’ll also find several choices in floral designs, including delicate pink flowers, dainty blue blooms and elegant, wispy petals. Looking for a clean, fresh neutral for the room? Cream, Buff and Winter White are excellent choices for moms and dads who may change their theme—or those expecting parents who aren’t yet sure if they’re having a girl or boy. 

If you like roller shades, you’re in luck. The cordless ones come in pretty much every shade imaginable. You’ll be able to furnish your boy’s room in classic, fashionable colors like Ash, Black or Grey. Silver, Ivory and Linen are all ideal choices if you’re going with a lighter color scheme. If you happen to enjoy the Earthy look of bamboo or woven wood shades, your little girl’s nursery will look beautiful adorned in soft colors like Vanilla White, Honey or Camel. 

Pairing curtains with blinds? You can get creative, but don’t pick two different prints. To keep your décor composed, one type of window covering should feature a basic color, while the other can provide the printed accent look. Try matching a floral print Roman shade with a bold, thick linen curtain. A flowing Damask or Ombre curtain set can be made complete with chic white cellular blinds or a soft-colored set of pleated shades. 

Add Blackout or Filtering Liners 

Some parents are blessed with good sleepers, but most moms and dads need plenty of tips and tricks to help their child nap. One of the best ways to create a healthy sleep environment for baby is to add window coverings with blackout liners. Blackout liners are special coatings applied to your shades during the manufacturing process. These additions help to block out up to 99 percent of natural light from your baby’s nursery, depending on the type you choose. 

baby room with blackout blinds

If you want to let more light in, you can opt for light filtering liners instead. They’re less powerful than blackout shades but still let you keep your child’s room darker than if you used standard window coverings. Before you order, read each product carefully to ensure you get the light filtering or blackout potential that you need. 

Blackout coverings are ideal for those stay-at-home parents who are in charge of all naps during the weekdays. A cool, dim room makes it easier to get your little one down to sleep. This style of blinds also seems to work well for families who use artificial lighting often or don’t mind opening their shades when the sun is out. If baby’s room is at the back of the house or you live in a well-shaded community, less expensive light filtering may be all that you need. Free samples from the manufacturer can help you decide if you’re unsure. We can provide you with samples on your favorite styles. 

Buy Baby’s Blinds from a Quality Manufacturer 

Back when you were an infant, there were far less options in window coverings. These days, window blinds are becoming safer than ever, which is good news for parents. The same models that are best for babies and small children also come in a variety of colors, patterns and light filtering options. With all of the innovations available, you’re sure to keep baby comfortable while never having to sacrifice your nursery’s mood or style.

choosing the right blinds graphic 

To get the best fit on your favorite blinds, measure the windows in your child’s room. When it’s time to order your window coverings, you will provide each of the numbers used to create your custom blinds. Choosing the right manufacturer will ensure the treatments are made accurately, with care and with high quality materials that will last for years. While you may continue spending on feeding supplies, diapers and toys, you won’t have to think about new window coverings, which is just another way to help you stretch your budget. 

We know there’s a lot to think about when you’re expecting a little one. You’ll have more fun and enjoy the moment if you take things one step at a time. As you shop for essential items and work to build your baby registry, make sure you savor all of the projects you’ll complete through each trimester. Soon enough, you’ll have far more important things on the brain—and much less time to think about details like décor and style! Get your nursery look lined up now so you can focus on each precious moment of your child’s first few months. After all, the memories you’ll make in baby’s first year are truly irreplaceable.

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