Best Window Treatment for a RV


So you got a RV. Your new road home probably came with all of the decor ready for you to settle into but, should you settle just yet? You are in a moving vehicle so you might have to think about what will be clanking around as you drive. Don't leave anything loose that could roll around (even in the cabinets) and toss those aluminum blinds that are going to flop at every turn! One of the best window treatments for a recreational vehicle are Pleated Shades and Cellular Shades. Factory Direct Blinds offers an optional upgrade to make your Pleated Shades or Cellular Shades cordless! This keeps the little ones safe since just about every window in an RV is easily accessible to children.  To step it up a notch, there is another optional upgrade to day/night shades! Lower the day shade to see out of your RV while allowing a soft glow to enter the room. During the night you lower the night shade to provide you and your family with complete privacy. To step it up two notches, a bottom bracket upgrade is available as well! Shades with a bottom bracket can snap into place and remain stationary as you drive! These are the window treatments built for the journey!

For privacy and safety, a Pleated Shade or Cellular Shades with all of the bells and whistles will do just fine! Your children will be safe from cords and aluminum blinds clacking during long road trips will be a thing of the past and your recreational vehicle will look better than new! For more information on how you could upgrade your RV, call Factory Direct Blinds at 1(800)355-2546! Don't forget Father's Day is coming up soon! This is a gift any father with a RV will appreciate!

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