Best Window Treatments for Doors

You have to take a few things into consideration when it is time to choose window treatments for your door. Is your door visible to the public? How often do you use this door? Will your children be safe?

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A door will be opened, closed and bumped into, blinds clacking against your door as someone enters and exits can become a slight annoyance in your daily routine. Your best and safest window treatment option for this style door would be a cordless Cellular Shade with hold-down attachments at the bottom. The cordless Cellular Shades are safe for children and the hold-down attachments keep the window treatments in place as you swing your door! Cellular Shades give you the privacy you want with a soft glow of the sun lighting up the room and the option of top down/ bottom up!

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Another option would be Roller Shades installed above the door. Installing the window treatment above the door does mean you would have to lift either the Cordless Roller Shade or standard clutch Roller Shade before entering but Factory Direct Blinds Roller Shades are notoriously light weight! With summer just around the corner, layering your window treatments will lower the temperature in your room and allow you to control entering light as the day fades! With a Blackout Shade to eliminate the sun completely and a Solar Screen to roll down as the sun sets!

Choosing a window treatment for your door takes time but, Factory Direct Blinds is always here to help with all questions!

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