Beware of D.I.Y. Roman Shades


Do it yourself projects can be a fantastic way to create something unique with your own hands. These days you can makeshift just about anything into looking like the real deal! Of course the satisfaction from a DIY window treatment comes from re-creating something at a lower cost. Hopefully.

There is a DIY trend going around and we need to really take a second look at this one. DIY Roman Shades are taking the craft world by storm. The cost of doing it yourself will quickly surpass the cost of buying shades at Factory Direct Blinds. Trust me, we have done the math:

  • Mini Blinds you are about to cut up size 24" x 36"- $21.40

  • Trendy fabric per yard- $6.99- Another yard to cover the whole window - $13.98

  • Fabric Glue- $7.99

  • Oh wait, a cheap sewing machine - $85.00

All of your basics for a DIY Roman Shade comes out to a whopping $135.36! Much more than a basic Roman Shade.

Not only is the cost a problem but, a window treatment will surely be exposed to a large amount of sun and untreated fabrics will fade quicker than quick. Untreated fabrics hung in front of a window will attract an unnecessary amount of bugs and dust. Bugs and dust means game over. Money spent on fabrics, materials/tools, assembly and the mini blind you bought to start with, could be spent much more wisely. For the same amount of money and less time, you will get high quality window treatments that will last years in your home! Contact Factory Direct Blinds for high quality Roman Shades for low prices!


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