Blinds Are Not Just For Windows.

I love when things work in places that they originally where not intended for.  Pinterest has shown me thousands of uses for everyday items that can be re-purposed in a way I could have never imagined.  When I see a window covering used for something other than covering a window, it just makes me happy.  I like seeing that a blind can help in more ways than just blocking out the sun's rays.


This is one of my favorite examples of how a woven wood shade can be used to hide unsightly items.  A pull cord makes for easy access to shelving, and the beautiful roman style fold adds so much more than just plain old cabinets.  This is great for a laundry room or even a bedroom.  Woven wood shades are perfect for this because they are light weight and have a casual feel.  Woven Wood Blinds are also far less expensive than custom cabinets.

faux wood roon dividers

Faux Wood Blinds may not seem like they have a place any where but in your windows, but as a room divider- they really can be the perfect solution.  You are able to raise them up completely or tilt them open to allow light in.  This allows for the feel of separate spaces with out feeling closed in.  Open concept living areas are very popular, but you really lose the intimate feel of a separate dining space.  By using faux wood blinds you can help achieve just that.  They are also available in a wide range of wood tones to match any flooring or cabinets.

vertical room divider

Vertical Blinds are typical for sliders or patio doors.  For room dividers, they can be an affordable solution.  I suggest a Fabric Vertical blind to soften up the feel of a room.  Fabric Verticals are also more durable than a drapery and allow you to open and close them.  We have a large variety of colors, patterns and textures.  This can be a great solution for children who share a room or even a closet door.

roller shade room divider

Roller shades are also a perfect solution when wanting to divide a room.  They are available in blackout and in solar screens, so you are able to pick and chose the perfect privacy level for your home.

wood blinds on doors

Adding blinds to a door is also a great way to start thinking outside the window.  French doors are very beautiful, but in a bedroom they do not offer a lot of privacy.  Adding a basswood blind to them can solve that issue and add instant warmth to a room.  Our bass wood blinds are extremely light weight, making them perfect for any door.  Don't forget to add hold down brackets when placing your order.

Window coverings can be a fast, affordable way to change up the feel of any room.  They are not permanent and have minimum lasting effects on the walls.  They really give you a chance to try something new and as shown above- window coverings can be used for much more than just windows.


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