Downscale for Upscale Appeal

Downscale for Upscale Appeal

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Decorators have long known that downscaling and minimizing can be an important quality when it comes to decorating projects.

Rather than fill a room with furniture, accessories, paintings, and other things, consider downscaling for greater appeal. The more upscale homes are often the ones that have minimal clutter and light, airy interiors.

If you’re in the market to redecorate your home or office, now may be the time to take a look around and identify things that are no longer useful or necessary. This process will help you in your efforts to create a more functional and open space. Just because a room has high ceilings does not mean that it requires over-sized furniture and elaborate draperies on the windows. To the contrary, the openness of the ceiling can be a beckoning call to minimize other distractions.  The clean look of wood blinds or honeycomb blinds can work well.

Rather than focusing on heavy, bulky furniture, think about using smaller scale furniture. Comfort is just as important as visual appeal so don’t compromise on comfort when it comes to decorating projects and replacing furniture. If you’re replacing over-sized furniture, think about functionality as well as aesthetics.

Another important feature of furniture is to examine the base and type of ‘legs’ on the furniture. Choosing furniture with legs that keep it off the clear and allows the air and light to flow underneath can quickly open up a space. Today’s decorating trends are heavily focused on this type of furniture that eliminates weightiness and brings more light into the room. This is also one of the basic principles of Feng-Shui that is used to create healthier space.

The fun thing about downscaling is that it allows you to upscale on the patterns used in a room. For example, using a large floral print on window treatments can create a dramatic effect without crowding the room. Consider the use of black and white paintings or artwork for the walls. Paintings or prints with vibrant colors is another way to open up space with an upscale quality.

Unity in design remains an important aspect of decorating and that is true with downscaling too. Patterns or basic colors that repeat throughout fabrics and accessories will help unify the space. Repeating patterns help the room to flow smoothly without breaking the visual appeal. Patterns and color help unify the space for continuity.

Another important tip when it comes to decorating a small space is to use accessories and materials that include silver, chrome, gold, mirrors, crystal, and other types of reflective material. There is a heavy focus on mirrored chests and dressers today and these pieces definitely lighten a room. Mirrors on the walls can have a dramatic effect when positioned where they reflect some of the most unique elements of the room. Glass and crystal chandeliers are even being used in bathrooms and bedrooms for an upscale decorative touch.

Remember that when it comes to decorating projects, less can definitely be more! Keep space open, well-lighted, and clean and it will welcome any taste or style.

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