Everything you need to know about Faux Woods


Faux Woods are a very popular alternative to Wood Blinds. They aren't as expensive but the quality of the blinds is superb. They are man made from high quality, synthetic materials and can be more durable than real wood blinds. These window coverings  are ideal for humid areas due to the lack of swelling, they would work great in a Kitchen or Bathroom. Since they are made of a synthetic material they are easy to clean and maintain.

What is Routless & Privacy?


You have a couple of upgrade options to choose from when it comes to customizing your Faux Wood Blinds , one option includes making them routless. Routless or privacy blind method, is when the slats are simply cradled by the cords rather than having them strung through holes in the blinds. This adds more privacy and more light control. This makes cleaning the blinds much easier since you can simply slip the slats out of the cords, wash them, then slide them back into the cords.

What are Spacer Blocks?

Spacer Blocks are meant to put the window blind away from the door or window seal in which they are being mounted. They help create extra space if there is trim or molding interfering with the blind being mounted. Spacer blocks are mainly used on outside mount blinds, you will not need them if you have enough depth with an inside mount.

What are Hold Down Brackets?


Hold Down Brackets are small pieces that connects to the bottom of the blind. They are used to secure your window blind so they don't swing or hit a wall or door. They are great for French Doors, or Front doors that are frequently used.

What are Return?


Returns are corner pieces that connect to your crown molding valance that is included with your Faux Wood. If the blind is recessed a bit, or an Outside Mount they help cover the gap between the wall and the valance. The Returns connect to the sides of your valance using a small plastic inserted clip creating a perfect 90° and corner. Outside Mount blinds will come with returns.

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