Getting to know Roman Shades PT2

Edge Banding:


See that gorgeous bold addition to the Roman Shades in the photos? Wonder what they are? Edge Banding is a great way to tie in existing decor to your window coverings while giving it a unique look. Available in 8 Solid Colors made with 2" wide Rayon Ribbon, and 6 Greek Key patterns 2 1/4" wide they can be added to the left, right, or bottom sides to your shade. Adding Edge Banding to your Roman shade can truly compliment any decor in your home.

Shade Liner Options: 


One of the biggest things that can change your mind about a window covering is the type of light control they offer. Roman Shades can be customized with a couple different liner options. Blackout Liners are popular when wanting to keep out all incoming light and help protect furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays, your only color option available for this liner is white.  Light Filtering liners are another option you have for your Roman Shades , these liners wont quite keep out as much  light as the blackout liners do but they do provide privacy, and will help protect the Shade Fabric from the sun, the color options available for this liner are either Ivory or White.

Roman Shade Colors & Patterns: 

(Fabrics Pictured From Left to Right: Cardiff, Crescent Silk,  Aliso, Naxos, Santorini, Caicos, Pompano, Rimini, Bethany, Lido, Bowers, Naxos, Arbour, Caicos, Vero, Maldives )

Now we have come down to the fun part! Choosing the best color, patterns, and textures for the rooms in your home! Not every Roman shade has to be the same you definitely have the freedom to customize and choose whatever you like. However, if you have 3 windows in one room you wont want to use a  with a different pattern or print for each shade, as this may be too much going on. Using a lighter solid color Roman shade for a bathroom works out better than using a pattern because bathrooms tend to be smaller, adding in something with crazy prints may make the room appear smaller than it is. Lets not turn a blind eye to the patterns though, these can look gorgeous in a Kitchen or Bedroom. Using a bold pattern can be a statement piece and bring life to a room.

Shade Lift Options:


You have a couple different choices when it comes to choosing the type of lift option you want for your Roman Shade. The type of lift that comes with the Roman Shade will be the the Standard Pull Cord on the (right side of the photo). This specific cord is located on the back side of the shade to present a cleaner less cluttered look. An upgrade option you also have for these shades is a Continuous Cord Loop. A Continuous Cord Loop will continue to roll into itself and does not have hanging tassels. Another  option would be to go completely cordless. With this the shade is lowered and raised by simply pulling and pushing up and down. This is a popular option for homes with small children and pets.

 Roman Shades are a gorgeous addition to any space. Take a look at all of the options you have on our website.

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