How Custom Blinds Are Made

How Custom Blinds Are Made
There are thousands of reasons why you might choose custom blinds for your home, but the primary reason is because not all windows are created equal. You might have a bay window here, a picture window there and a sliding glass door in the next room over. Obviously, you can’t pick the exact same window treatment for every window in your home. The great thing is, you don’t need to have a costly custom blind manufacturer come and measure your windows for the perfect fit because we have the custom blinds process down to a science!

How do we do it? Our blinds are made to order, meaning they’re not cut to size until you supply us with your preferred dimensions. Our manufacturing process starts with high-quality materials — basswood, bamboo, aluminum and more — and ends with stylish paints and finishes in a huge assortment of options. Within about six to nine business days, we can take the slats from your preferred blind style and cut them to the exact specifications you’ve requested. This ensures that your new window treatments fit your windows perfectly without the high cost of a custom blind manufacturer.

Additional Options for Total Customization

Not only do custom-made blinds come cut to the right size to fit your windows, but they’re also finished with various other customization options so that they suit your space, aesthetic preferences and needs. Most of our window blinds can be fitted with upgrades, such as different mount types and headrail options, for a more custom experience. Here are some of the customization options we offer:

  • Size and Color — Of course, size is the most important consideration for custom blinds, as it ensures that your new treatments will fit your windows. To boot, all our custom window treatments come in a slew of unique finish options and colors to perfectly complement your unique décor scheme.

  • Mount Type — You will usually have two different mounting options for your blinds: either inside mount or outside mount. Inside mount means that the blinds will sit inside the window frame, whereas outside mount means that the blinds will sit overtop of the frame. Inside mount blinds are great because they can be mounted as deep or shallow as you prefer. On the other hand, outside mount provides additional flexibility because size and style aren’t dictated by the frame.Close up of roller blinds

  • Headrail Options — Some of our window treatments also come with the option for different headrail styles. This is the part of the blinds that houses the lifting mechanism that allows you to open or close your blinds as you please. Most blinds come with a standard headrail, but you may also want to customize yours with a two-on-one or three-on-one headrail. Two-on-one headrails can control two panels of blinds at once, while three-on-one headrails can control three at once. We know this can be confusing, so you can always ask us for more info!

  • Privacy Options —You can also opt to add extra privacy features to your blinds if you want to ensure additional seclusion in a room. Usually, the best way to block out extra light and add more privacy is to cover the holes on the slats. Such solutions include cloth tape that is placed over the ladders of the blinds to hide the holes and threads. You may also choose slats with no holes for total privacy and additional room darkening.

  • Hardware —The final consideration for customized blinds is hardware. You can opt for various kinds of hardware — from the brackets that hold the blinds in place to the type of tilt control — so that you get the appropriate look and functionality for your specific environment.

Custom blinds in luxury dining area

Why Choose Custom Blinds?

The most important reason to choose custom-made blinds is because, simply put, you know they’ll fit your windows. Customization also ensures that you get the appropriate aesthetic for your living space, minimizing the need for returns and fixes. To further our commitment to helping you find the perfect blinds every time, we always offer free samples so you can see how they’ll look in your space.

We make it easy to order large quantities of blinds and other window treatments with helpful tools, like fields for your window name and notes, and we are always available to guide you through the process.

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