How Do Cordless Blinds Work?

How Do Cordless Blinds Work?
Fall is a great time to upgrade your home’s interior. In addition to festive autumn décor, warm paint colors and plush pillows and blankets, investing in new window treatments will upgrade your indoor aesthetic and help to keep warm air in when it gets cooler. As you explore new window treatments to adorn your living spaces, cordless blinds should be high on your list. An increasing number of families are choosing these coverings because of how safe and easy they are to operate. Learn more about how they work, what type of styles they come in and if they’re right for you.

What Are Cordless Blinds?

To understand how cordless coverings function, you must first know how they’re different from regular treatments. First, they do not have the normal strings that come on standard blinds. This means there are no tricky, hanging lines to pull. Instead, the cords are interwoven inside the blind slats to allow for stable, smooth movement without snags.

The innovative design offers homeowners a neat and tidy look, makes lifting easier and is a safer option for children and pets. Without hanging cords, parents and animal owners don’t have to worry about injuries or choking accidents. What’s more, discerning decorators aren’t encumbered by an unsightly or cluttered look.

Operating Cordless Window Treatments

Cordless blinds are simple to operate. In fact, you only need one hand for each motion. To lower them, gently pull down on the bottom rail. As you begin, the slats will slowly start to come down. Once you’ve reached your ideal point, or the bottom of the sill, take your hand off the slats and the covering will stop moving.

If you want to raise the blind, push up lightly from the rail’s base. Take your hand off to finish lifting. The coverings will stay in place until you are ready to drop them again. When you wish to open the slats to let more light in, tip the bottom of the rail backward. When it’s time to close them at night, tilt the rail forward. Whatever style you choose, each product should move with a fluid motion. If you have trouble lifting them up or down, review your steps to installation.

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Using Cordless Vertical Blinds

Cordless treatments aren’t only available for standard windows. Cord-free vertical blinds are available for large windows and sliding glass doors. Each covering is either moved by its slide slats or an easy-to-use wand. If you have a sturdy, slide slat product, tilt the treatment forward or backward to open and close. Should your verticals come with a wand, turn it left or right to get shade or let light in.

Working Cordless Shades

If you prefer light filtering, blackout or classic pleated shades, you can also get them without cords. While they come without slats, you can still lift and lower them with ease. Operate them just as you would a standard cordless blind. Push up to raise them and then pull down for privacy. If your windows face the outdoors or you otherwise need significant protection from the sun, consider purchasing cord-free solar screens.

Navigating Purchase and Installation

If you’re ready to buy cordless shades or blinds, consider your style carefully. While each product will be easy to use, your room’s environment and function will help you decide whether you should choose double cell light-filtering shades, S-curve verticals or modern blackout roller shades. For example, genuine wood blinds are beautiful and durable, but they may warp in moisture-rich areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

If you like the strength and texture of these treatments, consider faux wood instead. Blackout shades are excellent for bedrooms and nurseries, but they may make certain family rooms too dark. Cordless blinds also come in many shades and colors, like dark walnut, French crème and violet custard. Pick a hue that matches with your furniture, paint scheme and carpet.

Follow the same installation process as you do with standard blinds. Decide if you prefer inside or outside mounted treatments and measure them appropriately. Exact calculations are necessary to provide to your custom blinds manufacturer. Finally, don’t forget your exterior look. If bold red or mustard yellow blinds won’t match the outside of your home, opt for a more neutral tone instead.

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Making the Most of Cordless Window Treatments

Cordless shades and blinds are beautiful, secure and easier to operate than regular coverings. Choosing a manufacturer of custom window treatments will provide you with even more benefit by designing and creating blinds that perfectly fit your windows. Whether you have oddly shaped openings or several different window styles, these providers make getting the right cordless product easier. Investing in quality shades will make them last for years to come.

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