Keep away from the Cold

Burr! These last couple of weeks have been extremely cold and I'm sure there isn't anywhere else you'd rather be then nestled up in your bed! I know its where we want to be! Making your room cozy for the holidays doesn't mean having to change up things drastically but adding small touches here or there will be perfect!

Cozy, fuzzy, warm blankets! Cuddling up in a furry blanket can kick the chill of these winter nights. Not only do they keep you warm but they can also be that gorgeous accent piece. Once winter is over swap them out for some lighter blankets that can be used during the summer.

Candles can give a room a real intimate setting and depending on the scent create a very relaxing mood. Jasmine, Lavender and Chamomile are just 3 of the many examples of candles that will be perfect for your bedroom since they are ingredients that can help calm or relax you. Not too many homes now a days have fireplaces but clusters of candles can be a great way to make home feel cozy.

Need that extra sleep but light keeps peeping through your current window coverings? Cellular shades are definitely our go to for bedrooms. They are truly great for insulating and can get the tightest fit in the window seal eliminating as much light as possible. Not only are they great for bedrooms they can go perfectly anywhere in your home.

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