Keeping Up with Your Window Treatments

Keeping control of dust and allergens in your home means cleaning your Blinds and Shades regularly. Although cleaning your window treatments is not always convenient, it does help to reduce dust and allergen particles that could otherwise lead to health complications and shabby blinds. Contrary to popular belief, there are simple and effective ways to cleaning window treatments with minimal effort. Let us take a brief look at some simple ways to keep your home clean and healthy!


While cleaning shutters, you need to stay mindful of products that can cause harm to their appearance. Wood and vinyl shutters should be cleaned using something light-weight such as a soft cloth or feather duster. If you find spots or splatters on your Shutters from wild spaghetti dinners, a little detergent paired up with damped cloth is sure to do the trick!


Aluminum Blinds

Cleaning Aluminum Blinds tend to be a simpler task because they are easily removable! As odd as it may seem, washing them down outside with a water hose or repeatedly dipping them into a warm bathtub with mild detergent is a very common effective method amongst deep cleaners. If you prefer to keep your blinds dry and attached to your window, directly vacuuming each slat with a brush attachment is a quicker route to a fresh look!



Faux Wood Blinds

Retaining your marvelous Faux Wood Blinds does not have to be the grueling task you sought it out to be. Just dipping a gentle cloth into a bucket of warm water and mild detergent is the best cleaning solution to preserving your Faux Wood Blinds! After you have cleaned each slat, it would be best to open up your window and allow your blinds to air dry!


Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades are surprisingly very low-maintenance for their modern look! So, what is the secret to retaining their eternal beauty? Vacuuming! Pull out a soft bristled handheld attachment next time you are vacuuming around the house and have a go at it. You will be surprised how much dirt and dust it lifts.



Cleaning your window treatments is hardly the first thing on your to-do list but when you are prone to allergies, it should take a higher ranking. Keeping dust off of your Blinds, Shutters or Shades will increase the longevity of your window treatments and the health of your family.


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