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Make a Statement: Adding color to your home



Adding pops of color in your home can be the the perfect way to a new look. Simple things can make a huge difference. Creating your space can be a fun way to show your personality, and creativity. Again the changes don't have to be drastic, we are here to give you tips and tricks on how to add color to your home!


 Pillows are a fun comfy way to add more color and pizzazz into any room in your home. Whether its a reading nook, your living room, or an entry way bench this is the easiest way to make a statement. They can be mixed and matched with fun colors and designs, and the greatest thing about them is you can simply buy new covers once you get tired of em!


BOLD RUGS are easy to roll up and change out. You can switch them up on certain holidays or even to have a new look in a room. It doesn't matter which room you put them in they can really be a conversation starter. When you are tired of the old one its easy to replace and store in your garage or under a bed. Bring it out when you want something different.


Colorful Flowers can bring life to a room whether real or fake. Adding them to side tables, coffee tables or in a large decorative pot they can give pops of color easily. Mix and Match greenery with large statement flowers, buy or make your own. Fun vases and jars are an added bonus!


A STATEMENT WALL with dramatic colors is also an alternative to painting your whole home. You have tons of options when it comes to choosing the perfect design. Going with the seasons best colors is always a plus. Oranges, Yellows and Reds in fall, Purples, Burgundy's, and Blues in Winter, and Whites, Beige, and Greens in Summer. Of course it you don't have to use only those colors! Choosing colors for the one wall can be hard, make sure to get as many swatches as possible before picking the one!


ACCENT PIECES are easy to add to walls or counter tops. You can add colorful frames, trinkets, or paintings, which can all be purchased at your local home store or target! One wall can be completely filled with things or they can be spread out in every room.  The best place to find inspirations is on our Pinterest. Home decor is so extremely popular it shouldn't be too hard!


( Roman Shade pictured:  Pompano Charcoal )

ROMAN SHADES are great conversation starters and can look gorgeous in any room in your home. With so many different upgrade options you can completely customize your Roman Shades to look perfect. These soft window treatments are a stylish way to insulate, reducing heating and air conditioning costs. Add in an upgraded fold style and its the icing on the cake! We have over 100+ different prints and color options to choose from, so let the customizing begin!


( Colors Pictured: 3/4" Single cell LF Teal, 3/4" Single Cell LF Jean Blue )

Cellular Shades are also a great alternative shade in your home that comes in many different color options. There is over 29 colors to choose from as well as different pleat sizes. Cellular shades are a great insulator and will give you the most privacy and light control. Start with the basics and take look further in our Cellular Shade collection!

Happy Decorating!

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