Mini Blinds

Mini Blinds


Mini Blinds offer a number of advantages compared to other types of blinds or window coverings in many settings. Mini blinds are one of the most affordable high quality blinds on the market. Mini blinds are also extremely durable and versatile, offering fantastic light control and privacy in any room they are installed. Mini blinds have been a staple in the industry for years, and will continue to be a classic window covering option for years and years to come

Durability of Mini Blinds

One of the main advantages of mini blinds is the durability that they offer. These blinds can take a beating and keep on looking factory new. The slats in mini blinds are heat treated aluminum making them one of the strongest options for window coverings available. Mini blinds are known for being very resistant to fading, denting, warping, bending, or otherwise failing.

Affordability of Mini Blinds

While mini blinds are one of the most durable window covering options around, they are also one of the most affordable. Here at Factory Direct Blinds, we believe quality can be affordable, and our mini blinds are a prime example of that belief. Mini blinds are an even more affordable option than our already affordable wood blinds or faux wood blinds.

Mini Blinds Versatility

Mini blinds are one of the most versatile options in the window covering industry. Our mini blinds are offered in ½” up to 2” slat sizes with widths ranging from 9” to 142” and heights ranging from 9” to 96”. This huge variety in size with our mini blinds allows them to fit nearly any need. Combined with our extensive coloring options, and there is no room that aren’t able to utilize our mini blinds.

Mini Blinds Offer Great Privacy and Light Control

Of course the main benefit to mini blinds is there incredible ability to offer maximum light control and privacy. Mini blinds are extremely easy to utilize and manipulate to your exact specifications, which combined with their high level of customization, makes them an ideal and beautiful solution for any room. Our mini blinds also come equipped with snap-in installation brackets, integrated headrails with light blocking lips, and color coordinated bottom and top rails.

Mini Blinds from Factory Direct Blinds

Factory Direct Blinds offers a number of mini blind sizes and styles. Our mini blind options include ½” Aluminum Micro Mini Blinds, 1” Levolor Mini Blinds, 1” Cordless Aluminum Mini Blinds, 2” Aluminum Horizontal Mini Blinds, and many more collections. Browse our entire collection of mini blinds today.

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