Simple Bedroom Design Ideas to Enhance your Space

Sick and tired of sleeping in the same old bedroom? Turn drab into fab with these five simple bedroom design ideas that will help open up your space and give your room that brand new look you've been longing for.

1. Keep the Gloom out of the Room

Full use of soft, light colors is the key to making any room look new, airy and refreshed. Think of all the hotels you have ever visited— what do they have in common? Almost all of them make use of soft neutral tones that help to create a bright, natural look. Whether it be a brilliantly-white duvet cover or a perfectly sandy-brown wall, sticking to brights and whites will help to lighten up your space and to keep the gloom out of your room!

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The mirror is the unsung hero of the interior decorating world. While its worth is often boiled down to simply checking out an outfit or fixing a few stray hairs, mirrors actually serve a much larger purpose and can transform any small space into a much larger one. Mirrors are extremely helpful in making spaces look larger due to their reflective properties. Their glassy surfaces bounce light across the room and help to create more depth in the room's appearance. Adding more mirrors to your walls is an simple design idea that can brighten up your bedroom, and enhance the size and lighting of your space.

3. Duality and Functionality

When you are working with small spaces, it's best to be intentional with your purchases and only buy things that will definitely be used, rather than purchasing items simply because you think you should. Having furniture that works in multiple ways is the best of both worlds and can save you space in your room as well as a stress headache when it comes to figuring out where to place all of your items. Find a chair with storage or a vanity desk to maximize space and functionality. We ALWAYS recommend under-the-bed storage to help you keep your things neat, tidy and out-of-sighty!

4. Play with your Shades

Your window may not look very big, but playing with your shades can help! Placing your window treatments slightly higher or wider than the actual window can make it appear larger, and will give your room a more open look. We suggest a set of drop-down shades or blinds to pair with long-hanging curtains. Opt for a fun pattern or a bright accent color to really bring your room to life! You can check out our offerings on our website, which are available for purchase through our online store.

5. Defy Gravity

Say goodbye to bulky furniture and hello to floating shelves! This simple idea can really help to remove bedroom clutter— especially if your room is on the smaller side. Floating shelves can easily replace bookshelves, desks and dressers by lining the walls instead of sticking to the ground. Best of all, the vertical element of the shelves can help to make your ceiling look taller.

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