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Spring is a time to start new, shake off that winter coat and get ready for summer.  With that comes some spring cleaning.  I know cleaning is no fun but with a few simple tips and tricks you can have it done in no time!

1. Break it up.  Try not to set a whole day of just cleaning.  You will likely get burned out before noon.  Instead, try breaking it up-spread the work out over a couple of days.  Designate a few solid hours to clean, so that you are sure to stay productive.

2. Use a check list.  Writing everything down will allow you to manage and prioritize things.  It also will give you a huge feeling of accomplishment once everything is checked off.

3. Start from the top.  Dust ceiling fans and then do your window coverings.  For mini blinds, verticals, and faux wood blinds -simply use a dusting cloth and carefully go over each slat or vain.  For solar shades and roman shades try to gently spot clean with a rag.  For cellular shades we recommend finding a professional cleaning service.

4. Find products that are dual purpose.  Not having to pick up a thousand different cleaning supplies will save you time and money.

5. Clean out the pantry.  This is a task that many people tend to overlook.  Be sure to check all expiration dates and donate thing to local soup kitchens that you are not using.

6. Make it fun.  Crank up some tunes and enjoy the work as much as possible.

7. Enlist some help.  Have a friend help you clean out your closet.  You not only get a clean closet, but your friend may get a few new outfits.

8. Clean out your car.  Give your ride a little extra attention!  Vacuum the seats and carpets and wipe down the whole interior.  Also be sure to check your spare tire and make sure you have everything you would need if you got a flat tire.

9. Move it.  Take the time to move furniture away from walls and really get in all the spaces in between.  Also, moving items on shelves to dust or clean underneath them.

10. Reward yourself!!  You just got through spring cleaning and now you deserve something nice.  Why not spruce up your clean home with some new window coverings!

Here are some examples of some great window coverings that we suggest.

We really like having a Roman Shade in a bathroom or kitchen window.  Our favorite fabric right now is from our "Classic Roman Shade Collection" in the color Pebble Sage.

Pebble Sage roman shade sample

The aqua blue against the neutral background is very easy on the eyes and looks elegant.  The pattern is simple yet playful making it perfect for a fun bathroom or a trendy kitchen.

Faux wood blinds are always a versatile and aesthetically pleasing choice.  They are easy to keep clean and look crisp in just about any room.  Try switching it up from your standard white and brighten your room by choosing a wood stained blind.

wood blinds window treatments 5


At Factory Direct Blinds we are always looking for new ways to spruce up your windows. For more tips and tricks visit our Pinterest page and give us a follow!

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