The 11 Most Summer-Inspired Window Treatments for Your Home

The 11 Most Summer-Inspired Window Treatments for Your Home

Summer is almost here, which means you and your family are getting ready for longer days and warmer temperatures. If you do not have the appropriate window treatments for the season, it may also mean less energy efficiency for your home, including higher power bills. You can maintain your summer budget, entertain guests comfortably and improve privacy during your holiday travels with a new set of shades or blinds. The best summertime varieties block out light and heat. When necessary, they are also capable of reducing visibility of and from the outside world.

If you are still unsure about which type to choose, there are many custom options available to consider. Manufacturers and homeowners alike recommend a few of their favorite seasonally inspired options, and we’ve compiled some of them here for you.  

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Cellular Shades

Lightweight and modern, cellular shades have a durable honeycomb structure that creates a beautiful aesthetic. These treatments are ideal for a variety of homes, including those with large windows and patios. You can also install them in any room that faces the sun or experiences many hours of sunlight. Because cellular shades help to block heat, they will insulate your home, decrease brightness and give you an appropriate amount of privacy. They are also an excellent choice for porch doors and window doors.

Single-cell light-filtering technology will block out less light and heat, while double cells will provide more heat protection and fuller darkness than many other window treatment options. Blackout styles will let almost zero sun in. If you are interested in a model that is both safe and easy to use, consider going cordless. Options without a cord will keep your children, pets and guests safe.

Keep a clean look by purchasing a brand with hidden brackets. Whether you prefer white, natural brown or black, there tasteful cellular shades are also available in nearly every color. Choose these coverings if you live in a hot climate, have a vacation home or simply want to make your home look more appealing. While they are the ideal summer treatment, these will protect your residence from nosy neighbors and extreme temperatures all year long.

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No matter the specific style, drapes are one of the most effective window coverings for blocking out light and heat. While your current style may be outdated, purchasing a new set of modern and opaque treatments will quickly upgrade your home’s summer look. These styles are ideal for a more classic or traditional decor.

If you are looking to stand out while staying tasteful, drapes also come in a variety of patterns, colors and materials. While drapes bring a variety of heat-relieving benefits, closing your treatments during the day will decrease the chances of your HVAC kicking on. These coverings are not only ideal for summer; they will also help keep cold out during the winter months.

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Roller Shades

Roller shades are summer-friendly and come in several different types of materials. As their name suggests, they roll down from the top of your window to provide the right balance of natural light and privacy. Like the other selections on this list, they will effectively reduce glare and heat. They are also easy to use. Whether you need to sleep during the day or want to enjoy a nap after a trip to the pool or beach, they will also efficiently block out the sun.

You and your family may choose from a variety of colors, including trendy white, off-white and grey. You can even select from uncommon hues like hunter green, navy and chocolate. If you are interested in a style with more personality, roller shades also come in many patterns, from tropical to simplistic. Choose these window treatments to complement your home’s sleek, modern and unique look.

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Solar Shades  

Solar shades and screens are made of an innovative vinyl mesh material. These treatments are perfect for summer because they are specially made to block out light and heat. They come in standard or reverse wall mounting to fit your window’s needs and your family’s preferences. From cream to brown, there are a variety of on-trend colors available.

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While all styles will reduce glare, many types will not completely eliminate natural light. This style offers varying degrees of shade, giving you the flexibility to choose the amount of light you want to let in and how much you can see out. Most products provide between 1 and 15 percent light reduction, while other types can provide complete blackout. Place your favorites on kitchen and bedroom windows, patio doors and even your backyard porch. Whether you are having a party, reading a book or enjoying the warm air, you can find the right mixture of heat relief and ambiance.

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Roman Shades

If you are looking for an opulent yet timeless summer style, consider purchasing a set of Roman shades. These window treatments are one of the most popular selections this year because they are on-trend and come in many plush fabrics. They stack together evenly when open, giving your windows a continuous, tidy look. They also come complete with fine details, such as European stitching and bold patterns.

Some brands include a light filtering layer, while others have a convenient continuous loop in the headrail. When you select Roman shades, you can choose from fun or elegant patterns like flowers, paisley, stripes and woodgrain. Popular colors include cork, graphite and sandalwood. Depending on your budget, you can add blackout or privacy lining to your Roman style for the ideal degree of light and temperature control. Talk to your window treatment manufacturer about your options.

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Wood Blinds

If you are looking for a rich summer style, authentic wood blinds add instant character and beauty to your space. Thick, durable slats made of vibrant and strong materials like bamboo and basswood effectively block out light and heat. If you are looking for coverings that will stand the test of time, real wood blinds last longer than plastic, PVC or composite coverings.

Choose from a spectrum of grains and finishes, including pecan, maple and cherry. You will also find peace of mind in knowing that each treatment is responsibly sourced from the finest wood found globally. While these blinds are eco-friendly, they will also help reduce your power bill, further increasing your positive footprint on the environment.

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Faux Wood Blinds

If you are looking for a more affordable summertime treatment with the same look as authentic wood blinds, consider a faux style. Faux wood coverings are made from composite wood, PVC or vinyl. Like natural wood, you can choose from a variety of colors and finishes, including acorn, butternut and cloud white. If you are interested in a richer look, you can select mahogany, cherry and dark walnut.

While faux wood blinds are a trendy way to keep out light and heat, they are also an excellent style for rooms with increased moisture. Bathrooms, kitchens and humid living spaces will benefit from these blinds that resist both moisture and swelling.

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Dual Shades

Often found in hotels and resorts, dual shades are highly effective for keeping out light and heat. Each type of dual shades features a lightweight, highly reflective side and a darker, heat-absorbing layer. They are also reversible. While the reflective side should face the window in the summer to keep heat out, the darker layer can be positioned outward in the winter to ensure heat stays in. Like roller shades, you can shop for your ideal treatment in the patterns and colors you prefer.

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Woven Wood Shades

Woven shades are just as eco-friendly as authentic wood shades. They offer a natural, exotic look that is perfect for summer décor. While they are more expensive than other wooden options, woven wood shades are also a unique alternative to more conventional window treatments. They will make your home stand out. Each woven fixture is available in a variety of unique materials, including bamboo, jute and various grasses. Select from colors like grey, tortoise and honey, as well as different thicknesses. With woven wood shades, you will block out light and heat while maintaining your privacy.

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Zebra Shades

Zebra shades are so-named for their unique, alternating sheer and light-filtering materials. If you desire a combination of natural light and effective room darkening, consider this style. Each shade provides several degrees of light adjustment. Align the sheer or opaque sections to provide the right level of light, from blackout to full sunshine. Choose from beautiful colors like natural, chocolate and ivory for a relaxing summer ambiance. Other options include marble, wheat and vanilla.

Whether you prefer inside mount or outside mount, a variety of sizes are available to you. Some brands even come with a state-of-the-art motorized option, allowing you to raise or lower your shades with the push of a button. Powered by efficient lithium ion batteries, the remote functions via radio technology. You can also upgrade to a multi-channel remote to control all of your shades at the same time.

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If you want a summer-friendly option that lasts all year long, plantation shutters and wood alternative shutters are just a few of the long-lasting options available. Like the other treatments on the list, shutters effectively block out light and heat. These fixtures are ideal for serving as a permanent solution for homes that experience extreme temperatures. They can also provide air circulation while eliminating the glare of the sun. Install them inside or outside your window for optimal privacy and light control. While increasing insultation and reducing energy costs, shutters are also a long-lasting, durable investment.

Like blinds, drapes and shades, shutters come in many colors and materials. In addition to composite and vinyl, you can also purchase these treatments in synthetic foam and authentic wood. Choose from brown, wicker or grey to match your interior or exterior. Other popular colors include burgundy, forest green and dark blue.


Selecting Your Summer-Inspired Treatments

The best window treatments for summer will allow you to let light in your home when you want it, while reducing glare and heat during the warmest parts of the day. They also look stylish, are created with durable materials and offer many patterns and colors to match your interior décor. Whether you prefer authentic bamboo blinds, classic dual shades or trendy Roman shades, the options listed here will help you save energy, protect your safety and privacy and ensure you and your guests stay cool.

These selections will also help during the colder seasons of the year, providing the protection you need to keep the chill away. If you are still deciding between shades or blinds, consider your home’s style and the needs of your family. Solar shades, for example, will give you a sleek look and allow enough light in to shady rooms. Faux wood blinds will help you save money while completing your modern interior design scheme.

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