The Natural Choice: Enhancing Your Home with Woven Blinds

The Natural Choice: Enhancing Your Home with Woven Blinds
The natural look is a very trendy in-home interior, but it’s also a design that will stay in style for years. What’s better is that its neutral tone blends with a variety of colors and styles. If you’re in need of some style tips, just keep reading.

What Are Woven Wood Blinds?

Woven blinds are comprised of bamboo, jute, grass and other natural elements. Luckily, they’re affordable and inexpensive to install, so they’re a great alternative to other window coverings. Also, woven blinds are very easy to clean. You can simply dust them or use a wet rag to clean them off. They hold up pretty well and should last you for quite some time. You can even change the surrounding decor and keep the blinds installed and they’ll still make a great accessory to the room.

Which Decor Matches Best with Woven Blinds?

Woven blinds can be used in various styles from rustic to modern. No matter what your style is, there’s a woven wood blind that’ll fit your taste. These blinds can enhance any room and can change the entire look of your home’s interior.

Country Style

The farmhouse look matches well with woven blinds. You can install natural, wooden floors as the basis for your decor and add in some vintage accessories. Plush furniture blends well in southern style rooms, along with faux cowhide rugs and also wick or wooden tables.

Exotic Decor

If you’re into the tropical look, woven bamboo blinds make the perfect accessories. You can accent the room with a large floor vase with bamboo sticks and an animal figurine. It also looks nice with a faux palm tree decoration.

Minimalist Decor

The concept behind this type of style is simple yet modern. The color palettes in a minimalistic room are neutral, which matches perfectly with woven blinds. This style is all about having clean and basic decor that looks good no matter what.

living room with blue sofa

Things to Consider

If you’ve never decorated with woven blinds before, you might not know where to start. However, there are some things to think about when putting together the perfect decor.

The Colors Don’t Have to Match

Home design has changed a lot over the years, and one of the things is color scheme. Modern decor doesn’t require that the entire room have the same pigment. But even if you like to have all of your colors to match, the natural hue of woven window coverings blends well with all pigments.

It’s Okay to Use Different Types of Woven Blinds

In regard to modern decor not needing to match, that goes for the style of shades you choose as well. If you prefer for each room to have a different look, it’s okay to change it up from room to room. It might not look the best in the same area, but it’s definitely okay to switch it up throughout the house.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Blinds

Woven wood blind colors range from light to dark and complement any room. However, some shades look better with certain decor. For instance, light woven wood blinds might not look the best in an all-white room. It’s best to use darker blinds with light-colored furniture. However, light hues look good in bright rooms with vibrant looking chairs and decorations. The main thing to consider when shopping for woven blinds is to make sure they don’t get drowned by the surrounding colors and patterns. Although they blend well, it’s easy for them to get lost in the shuffle of a room with too many decorations. So, before you install them, make sure they’ll complement the look you’re going for.

country style dining table

Are You Ready to Remodel Your Home?

Putting together the perfect style for your home isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially if you’re not good with decorating. The awesome thing about woven wood blinds is that they are simple to use. You can install them and create a totally new look for your home. Plus, you don’t have to put much thought into what kind of decor will match. If you want simplicity and versatility, these are the window coverings for you.

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