Top 4 Colors for Spring

When Winter is over, we must take time to step back and clear the gloom. Stash your excessive amount of blankets away, put the hot chocolate back on the shelf and open up the windows! After all the cuddling and lounging, it is nice to change things up in anticipation for warmer times. A change in the weather will also bring a change in your attitude!  Colors to match your mood will prep you for better weather ahead! Here are four colors that will spring you forward.


1. Buttercup


This room radiates energy but doesn’t drive to insanity. Yellows tend to buzz but, this buttercup is yellow turned down. This is a fantastic color to wake up to in your bedroom! Wooden window treatments will compliment this decor scheme perfectly! Picture it now, White Wood Blinds from Factory Direct Blinds with a warm buttercup surrounding the frame. Stunning.


2. Peach Echo


Peach echo is a bold color that does not consume the visitors eyes. Whether it be as simple as a chair or a coffee table colored in Peach Echo, the pops of this color remind you of the tulips blooming outside of these Woven Wood Shades.

3. Flash Green


Go easy with the green. Painting an entire room Flash Green would be far too overwhelming. This room in particular gets it right! Pops of the more vibrant spring colors give a nod to the fast approaching change. The Solar Screens also allows you to enjoy the view without boiling in the sun!

4. Lavender Grey


If you decorated a room with a modern grey color scheme but you wanted to incorporate color now that the sun is singing, Lavender Grey is your color. It is one of the lesser vibrant colors but it is well suited for the more up-to-date rooms. Honeycomb Shades also keep the room light and modern!


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