Why Choose Vertical Blinds.

Why Choose Vertical Blinds.
Vertical Blinds have been around for what seems like forever and their popularity is no surprise.  With so much versatility, vertical blinds are sure to be around for years to come.  When most think about vertical blinds they think slid-ding glass doors or an inexpensive window covering.  But they are really so much more then that.  Verticals can be the perfect window covering for you and for your home.


One of the best things about verticals is the price. You are able to cover large windows with out breaking the bank.  With that being said, you are not sacrificing functionality or quality.  With so many options, you are sure to find one that not only fits your home but your wallet as well.


The options are endless when it comes to verticals.  Color is always the main concern when picking a window covering. And when you choose verticals your color options are totally endless. From fabric verticals, which give you a soft and almost drapery like feel to our popular "s" shaped vertical which also help you achieve that look but with even easier maintenance.



Verticals are not only super functional they are also very child friendly when the wand option is chosen.  They are very light and easy to open and close which is perfect for children but also great for seniors or those who have trouble lifting up and down.  If you prefer the cord and chain, we suggest securing them safely on the floor or wall.  For more information on blind safety you can check out our blog here.



Verticals are perfect for any room in the house. And probably one of the rooms that verticals really shine is the kitchen.  They are available in wood tones making it a breeze to match your or flooring cabinets.  Since they are made from a durable PVC material so any little spill can simply be wiped away.  And since they hang vertically, they collect very little dust and are very easy to clean.  They make the perfect option for people with dust allergies or those who like spotless blinds.



Vertical blinds are also very minimal.  They stack cleanly to the side allowing you to take full advantage of your view.  With multiple stack options verticals fit just about any window.  Also you are able to chose your cord or wand location.

vertical blind


Don't be swayed by the stereotypical idea of vertical blinds.  They really can be a sleek, easy and totally functional window covering that can be just what your home needs.

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