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Wonderful Wood!

Wonderful Wood!
Wood has a look that never really goes out of style.  It can be traditional, rustic, modern or just about however you would like.  It is so versatile and timeless.  Wood also comes in many different tones and shades, from a dark mahogany to a light pecan.  You are sure to find a wood tone in the shade that would match your individual style.  Wood tones, whether it be real or faux wood, can warm up any room.  When most people think of wood they think of a cabin or someplace really rustic, but wood is much more than just that.  Wood can be combined with anything, whites, brights and neutrals can all look beautiful next to wood.

wood 2


This is the traditional "wood" look. It screams "cabin in the woods".  It really showcases how beautiful wood really is.  It also shows the variety of tones wood has to offer and how well they can all work together.



This shows perfectly how wood or wood tones pair with white.  It is extremely elegant and simple.  All this room needs is our 2" Stained Bass Wood horizontal blinds. I suggest our "Cherry Stain" to really bring out the warmth in the coffee tables.



Using wood to create a headboard is a great way to warm up the bedroom.  This bedroom would be a lot more functional if that beautiful large window had a covering that would block out the morning light, and offer much needed privacy.  I suggest our 2 1/2 premier stained faux wood, in a cloud white.  These lovely blinds give you the look of a shutter but with out the high price.  Unlike shutters you can fully lift them and still enjoy your view.



Floor to ceiling wood may not be a look for every one.  The french doors are a beautiful part of the room along with the white trim, so we suggest mixing it up a little with a Roman Shade. Roman Shades can be great for doors, just don't forget to order hold-down brackets when checking out.




The "faux wood" look is not only beautiful but a lot easier to take care of. This "faux hardwood" tile gives the look and feel of wood without the maintenance.  The same is true with our 2" Faux Wood blinds.  They are perfect for bathrooms or areas that have high humidity.


Another great thing about wood is how well it mixes with just about anything.  We love the look of something contemporary like this dark black tile mixed with a classic wood floor.  By mixing the two, you come up with something very unique.  To keep with the feel of this room why not add a simple white roman shade, they have a classic look but a contemporary feel?



Wood doesn't always have to be the main focus in a room.  A woven wood shade is the best way to achieve a less wood-like feel without sacrificing  the feel of a wooden blind.  They add a more designer feel, and match just about every thing.  They also are available with optional linings, which make them a great choice for bedrooms and media rooms.



Lucky for us, the wood look will always be around.  It has a timeless elegance and can be used in any home.  It can bring the outdoors in or warm up a cold space.  If a ceiling to floor wood look may seem a tad overwhelming, start out with just your blinds!!



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