Wonderful Woven Woods!

Wonderful Woven Woods!

I am a known Pinterest addict.  I check  it daily, and I can not help but notice woven woods are everywhere. They are literally everywhere.  I love it!  I have always been a fan of woven woods.  They are soft and casual and add a designer touch to any room.  They are neutral and look lovely with just about any color pallet.  They can be layered with draperies or can be left to be the star of the show.  Our collections of Woven Bamboo Shades offer a unique window covering solution that will bring natural style and beauty to any room or patio.  Woven Wood Shades are made from a colorful combination of real bamboo, grasses and jute fibers.  The natural fibers gently filter incoming light while offering privacy and added insulation.  Available with a privacy liner or blackout liner as well as top-down/bottom up option.  All woven woods are finished with a matching 6’ valance and adjust with a classic roman style fold for added beauty.





Woven woods are perfect for that "beachy" vibe.  Even if you don't have ocean front property you can still achieve a similar feel.  Try a lighter color woven wood to accomplish this look.




Woven woods are perfect for any type of living space.  They are also available cordless, making them perfect for areas where children are around.



Perfect for any color pallet, woven woods are not over powering and add a warm feel.


You can also add a blackout liner to any woven wood making it not only beautiful, but also giving it purpose.



Or leave them as they are and let the morning sun filter in.


dark toned woven wood is ideal for kitchen areas, keeping the kitchen feeling warm.


I love how contemporary woven woods can look nice, without feeling stuffy.




Woven woods are also called bamboo blinds.  They are made of mostly organic materials.


 Woven woods are the perfect window coverings for sun rooms, they filter light beautifully.


You may think woven woods can only be casual, but this is the perfect example of how woven woods can be dressed up.



Because they are so soft, woven woods pair lovely with bight fun colors and add a little more than just a basic faux wood.



Woven woods are perfect when you want to match the wood tone on your furniture.



This room is a lovely example of just how soft woven woods can look when paired with bright colors.




Here are more examples of how wonderful woven woods can be.


This has to be my favorite pinterest find in a while.  Why not use woven woods to cover shelves in a laundry room?  Any time I see a window covering that isn't on a window, I can't help but get inspired.

Woven woods are a really versatile, up and coming window treatment.  They are great for any room in your home.  Don't forget to follow Factory Direct Blinds on Pinterest for all things window coverings!

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