Woven Wood Shades: Five Rooms That Did It Right!

     Woven Wood Shades can totally transform a room in need of desperate character. These shades can also pull together an already chic space and add a new touch of comfort. Woven Wood Shades welcome  balanced earthy tones to rooms that are bursting with modern decor! Here is a list of 5 rooms that did it right!

1. Eclectic.


This room takes the impossible and makes it desirable! A wall of grey complimented by Woven Wood Shades and red chairs that don't completely take control of its surroundings. The light fixture and adorable  faux fur throw lift the rug out of the ashes and into an eclectic bliss.

2. Comfy & Cozy.


What was once a sitting room becomes a comfortable living room when Woven Wood Shades are added to the equation. With a room bouncing around shades of grey, the neutral tone of the shades make you feel at ease and ready to relax!

3. Large windows and dim rooms.


Woven Wood Shades allow large windows to be admired for the master piece they are! This room is taking advantage of darker woods and pairing them perfectly with mellow yellows and deep reds. Each color in this room is just important as the next but, no piece of furniture stands out quite like the Woven Wood Shades!

4. Bringing the outside in!


No other window treatment could have done this room justice! This room holds strong to its decor. Without the wood beams and spurts of greenery placed around the room, the clean whites  would intimidate guests from even entering! The natural decor bringing the outside in, Woven Wood Shades are more than fundamental!

5. Bohemian Chic.


Bohemian chic at its best! With so many colors and patterns swimming round the room, it is hard to decide on a window treatment. This is a textbook example of how your treatment choice can make or break your room. Had this room gone with another patterned cloth or drape to hang over the window, guests would enter a room of busy ideas and themes. The Woven Wood Shades allow this room to dabble in both styles of Bohemian and contemporary without over stimulating the eyes!

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