10 Tips and Tricks To Keep Any Mother Happy!

With Mother's Day just around the corner we thought we would share our top ten tips to keeping your mama happy. Mothers are one of the most important people in our lives.  They do so much and hardly get any recognition, which brings us to our first tip:

1. Always tell her thank you.  Mothers seem to not hear those two words enough.  It is a very small thing that can make a very large impact.  Flowers, cards and candy are a great way to say thank you- but it can be even simpler than that.  A quick e-mail or text can totally make her day.



2. Lend a helping hand.  Mothers always seem to be doing a hundred things at once.  What better way to show some appreciation than by lighting her load a little?  Doing a few extra dishes or folding a load of laundry may not seem like much but helping her check a few things off of her to-do list can make her life easier.


3. Spoil her! Who doesn't love to be spoiled?  Make your mom feel special!  It doesn't have to be anything huge. It's the little things that matter, and kind gestures always mean so much more.  Breakfast in bed or treating her to lunch are simple ways to show her you care.


4. Give her a break.  We all need a day off every once in a while.  Being a mother is a job that doesn't have paid vacation or a summer break.  So even if it's just an hour that she can have to her self -it is always appreciated.



5. Cook a meal. "What's for dinner?" is probably the one questions that mom hears too much.  Why not help relieve her of that duty, even if it's just bringing home some take out?


6. Treat her to a pedi.  I have yet to meet a woman who wouldn't care for a foot rub and some pampering.  Summer is coming so cute toes are a must have!


7. Help her with a project. Not only will you help her accomplish something faster than she would have been able to do on her own, but you are also getting one on one time with her!

8. Surprise her.  Do something that she wouldn't expect out of you. Whether its a mid-week phone call or sending her flowers… It will make her feel special!

9. Buy her new window coverings! Blinds sometimes aren't number 1 on a busy moms priority list.  Make it fun for her.  Ask her what she'd love.  Have her visit our Pinterest, and maybe order a few of our free samples.  Then do the hard work for her.  Follow our simple measuring guide and as always if you need help placing an order our staff is always here to make it easy as pie.  Any mother would love to get her old blinds upgraded.

10. Always remind her that you love her. Along with saying thank you, telling your mom that you love her is something that cost you nothing but can really make a difference.

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