4 Easy to Clean Blinds to Choose From

4 Easy to Clean Blinds to Choose From

Every homeowner is busy, which means there is little time in the day to clean. If you’re one of the many people who need extra help tidying up, there are plenty of cleaning hacks out there. One simple yet useful strategy is to purchase products that are either easy to clean or resist dirt and dust. Using one of the following window coverings is an easy way to keep your blinds clean. Pick the style that best fits your family’s needs, as well as your home’s design and décor. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to find the perfect mix of style and function. 

1. Faux Wood Blinds  

If you like the style of real basswood blinds, consider faux wood blinds instead. These window coverings look just like authentic wood but are actually made of high-quality, synthetic materials. Since the slats aren’t porous, they’re far more resistant to moisture than standard wood blinds. They also look and feel just as strong and durable as natural wood, so they are a really great option.

When it’s time to clean your blinds, start by dusting. A soft microfiber cloth or dust wand is all that is needed to keep them free of common household allergens and debris. If you notice any excess dirt or buildup, use the wand tool on your vacuum cleaner. Whether you have corded or cordless shades, a quick flick of the wrist or fingers is all that is needed to reach all sides. 

2. Roller Shades 

Many homeowners are searching for a sleek and stylish window covering that is also easy to clean. Roller shades are made of fabric or PVC, which means you can remove debris with a vacuum cleaner. The smooth material can even be wiped down with a cloth, so cleaning is truly a breeze. 

Some of the most popular roller shade colors include ivory, cream, and linen. While they make any room look more clean and tidy, these shades can also help to hide dust or dander. This will prevent an unkempt appearance until it’s time to vacuum. If bold or dark colors are more your style, feel free to choose hues like ebony, hunter green, and ginger root. Don’t worry, they’ll be just as easy to wipe or wash. 

Motorized roller shades

3. Cellular Shades  

If you enjoy natural light, you’ll love cellular shades. Many homeowners say they let in the perfect amount of brightness and illumination. Their honeycomb material also helps to control the temperature in the room while preventing onlookers from seeing inside your home. Besides these benefits, cellular shades are also resistant to dirt and dust. There are no slats for debris to fall on and accumulate, which means you can easily sweep or vacuum dirt off the floor instead. 

When it’s time to tidy up your blinds, all you need is the wand tool on your vacuum cleaner. The low setting on a handheld vacuum or hairdryer also works well. Brush off pet hair, skin cells, and allergens in seconds. Take care around the creases, which are more susceptible to gathering debris than the other parts of the window covering. 

4. Vertical Blinds  

The design of vertical blinds is perfect for large windows and sliding patio doors. While they come in different materials, the easiest type to clean is vinyl. Try them in a neutral color such as ivory or cream for the cleanest look. Still, PVC is more resistant to dirt and dust than various fabrics. Vinyl blinds are also available in popular colors such as birch, almond, and brownstone, so no matter what look you want, you can find the right fit. 

When you need a quick touchup, use a lint roller or a damp microfiber cloth. This is especially effective for removing grease or food. If you’re removing excess dust, all you need is a vacuum tool. 

Vertical light curtain or roller blinds

Blinds Can Make Cleaning Easier 

If you’re searching for ways to cut down on cleaning time, pair the right tools with the highest quality cleaning products. Next, purchase durable and moisture-resistant materials. Shades and blinds come in a spectrum of styles that are intended to make a homeowner’s life simpler. No matter if you have a modern or traditional style and décor, one of the window coverings above will be the right fit for your household. Browse our collection of high-quality shades and blinds for the function, color, and material that is best for you. Combined with a regular maintenance schedule, you can enjoy a tidy home without too much work.

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