4 of the Best Eco-Friendly Window Shades

4 of the Best Eco-Friendly Window Shades

Today’s homeowners are more environmentally conscious than ever before. Many businesses and manufacturers are also doing their part to care for Mother Earth. A variety of basic home items are now made with green materials, such as blinds, appliances and flooring. You can support your Earth-loving lifestyle by choosing eco-friendly window shades for each room in your home. 

Instead of browsing around for the top options, we have a complete list of the best styles in the industry. Each of these choices in window coverings are both beautiful and support the environment. Once you find your favorite type, you’ll be ready to adorn your space, all while feeling good about how your decision impacts your planet and community. 

1. Cellular Blinds 

If you like to match clean, classic décor with energy efficiency, you’re not alone. Many homeowners now choose cellular blinds to adorn their eco-friendly space. Cellular blinds are a great choice for environmentally conscious homes because they’re designed to both insulate and protect each room. 

Cellular blinds are known for their sheer effect and light-blocking potential. These window coverings create a glowing ambient look but reduce the transfer of cold air in winter. They’ll also keep the heat out of your home in the summer. Proper insulation directly translates to more energy savings. While you reduce your electric bill, each room in your home will stay more comfortable. 

White roller blind and window

2. Bamboo Blinds 

Also known as woven wood shades, bamboo blinds are made of a combination of natural bamboo and jute. Each shade is created with materials farmed directly from the Earth. This means they are free of most industrial farming and manufacturing practices. While you work to reduce the use of synthetic materials, you’ll also enjoy both style and texture. 

Since they add warmth and personality to bedrooms and family rooms, bamboo blinds are an excellent option for those who like to combine coziness with a rich, earthy feel. Keep them away from humidity and moisture and your blinds will last a long time. If you ever want to make a switch, you’ll rest assured knowing you can recycle the materials. 

3. Roller Shades 

Roller shades are popular among families for their cordless options and ease of use. They are also among the most eco-friendly selections in window coverings. Choose from energy-efficient light filtering and blackout features. You also have the option of choosing a solar shade style. 

Solar shades are roller shades made of sleek, weather-resistant fabric. Each covering comes with an openness factor. This number explains the shade’s UV light blocking power. You can find models that block up to 99 percent of the sun’s harmful rays. 

open space living room interior with a modern sofa on hardwood floor

4. Roman Shades 

Roman shades are stylish and fit different styles of home décor. It doesn’t matter whether your interior is modern or traditional—you’ll find a bold pattern or solid color to match your look and personality. To make your Roman shades environmentally friendly, add a light filtering or blackout liner. 

As with roller shades, you can add various liners to your window coverings to block out harsh temperatures and damaging UV rays. The thicker the material, the better it will insulate your space. Choose a top-down, bottom-up style to enjoy the perfect amount of light without sacrificing your energy efficiency. Quickly cover the entire window when it gets too cold, sunny or hot. 

Keep Your Home and Planet Healthy 

Make your blinds and shades even more energy efficient by finding a custom fit. We manufacture our window coverings directly so you can get the best look and the most energy efficiency. Read our guide on how to measure blinds and then provide us with your numbers when you order your favorite style. We’ll make your shades to your exact specifications and then ship them directly to your door. 

The best thing about being environmentally conscious is that it benefits so many people. By choosing energy-efficient window coverings, you’ll protect your family, neighborhood and planet. While you stay more comfortable and save money on your power bill, you’ll leave more energy for your community. You’ll also be wasting less than most other households. 

Go unique and natural with bamboo woven wood shades or complement your classic look with cellular blinds. No matter which of the above styles you pick, you’ll help protect the environment and make a smart investment. You’re also sure to enjoy each room in your home, no matter the weather or time of year.

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