4 Reliable Tips for Cleaning Your Sheer Shades

4 Reliable Tips for Cleaning Your Sheer Shades
Sheer shades are one of the most popular styles of window coverings. While they make any room more cozy and inviting, they also come in a variety of lengths, materials and colors. Nowadays, you can add light filtering and room darkening features, which means sheer shades are perfect for any home. With all of their benefits, however, there are a few things you’ll want to consider about their maintenance and care. Over time, any type of window covering is bound to become dirty, especially in high traffic areas. Instead of feeling a need to buy new sheer shades, there are easy ways to refurbish them in the comfort of your home.

These tips will explain how to clean sheer shades quickly—and without too many supplies. We’ll also ensure you don’t need to buy any fancy cleaning products. With the help of these pointers and tricks, you’ll feel confident about buying your favorite sheer shades for your entire household.

Tip 1: Choose the Gentlest Cleaning Method 

Even if your sheer shades include a light filtering backing or are made of highly durable material, they’re still more delicate than other window coverings. Before you use advanced tools or strong chemicals to clean them, consider how easily certain methods could damage your shades. Instead, choose the most conservative cleaning strategy.

Dusting is the gentlest way to clean your sheer shades, but it won’t remove heavy layers of dirt and common household allergens. Vacuum suction can be helpful for excess dust. Washing with soap can provide you with the cleaning your shades need.

Tip 2: Use a Feather Duster

If you don’t already have a feather duster in your cleaning arsenal, now is the time to get one. They’re essential for removing dust and dirt particles without damaging delicate material. They also help to remove pesky pet hair and allergy-inducing dander. Keep your sheer shades looking like new by brushing them with your feather duster anytime they look dirty.

Start at the top and dust left to right until you reach the bottom. This is the best way to clean each inch of the window covering. When you’re done, use a vacuum or broom to remove excess dirt and dust from the floor.

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Tip 3: Try a Vacuum Brush

When your sheer shades get especially dirty, your feather duster may not be enough to remove the extra dust and grime. The brush attachment on your vacuum is the perfect tool for gentle yet effective cleaning. If you choose this option, make sure your vacuum is on the lowest setting.

Should you need more suction, you can always increase the power on your machine. No matter which setting you choose, make sure you move from top to bottom in the same motion as your feather duster. Most brushes are soft enough to use anytime you want to clean your sheer shades, but you should still review your manufacturer’s instructions if you have any questions about your specific type of material.

Tip 4: Check Before Using Soap and Water

Dusting and vacuuming may refresh your sheer shades, but it won’t remove stains effectively. Washing is the only way to take out blemishes or spots. Some (but not all) sheer shades can be washed. Check your manufacturer’s instructions to see if you can clean your blinds with mild soap and warm water.

If you’re able to use this technique, you’ll need your favorite mild soap, a bucket of warm water and a soft, microfiber cleaning cloth. Squirt some soap into the bucket and then dip the cloth inside. Wring the cloth out thoroughly so excess water doesn’t saturate your shade material. Using the surface of the cloth, carefully wipe the shade from top to bottom. If you’d like, you can hang the shades over your shower rack or on a clothesline to dry. Don’t place your shades in a machine dryer. The excess heat may fray or shrink them.

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Protecting and Beautifying Your Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are both dynamic and stunning. While they’re now a popular choice for most rooms in the home, they need a special kind of care. One of the best ways to preserve your shades is to be proactive about cleaning them. Consider dusting your window coverings once a month to reduce the amount of vacuuming and washing you need to keep your shades beautiful.

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