5 Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas


Want to WOW your guest with a gorgeous centerpiece? Here are our top 5 ideas that make a gorgeous conversation starter and really set the mood for a great Thanksgiving!


A wooden box filled with moss, leaves, tons of small pumpkins and candles can be perfect for the center of your table. All of these things can be picked up at a local craft store. 


Filling glass jars that are all different sizes with candles and different types of nuts & or berries can be a great centerpiece, wrap a garland of berries or leaves around the bottom of the


Wrapping faux pieces of corn around large jars filled with gorgeous fall flowers and berries can also compliment thanksgiving decor. Wrap the vases with brown twine to tie it all together.


You don't always have to use traditional fall colors for Thanksgiving decor. Gold is the new "in" and is gorgeous for the holidays. Spray painting different sized pumpkins, and mason jars filled with flower can give your Thanksgiving table a golden look.


Its hard not to love pinecones. They can be used for so many different craft projects but are also a great filler. You can place them anywhere on the table or fill jars of candles and leaves with them. They can be seated, spray painted, or just plain either way they are fabulous for fall decor.


Hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Don't forget to check out our awesome Thanksgiving Sale we have going on, you won't want to miss out!

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