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All About Neutrals!


When decorating your home there are hundreds of directions you can go.  Lately I have seen lots of extremes, bold colors or crazy patterns (like chevron) are literally everywhere.  What happened to the good ol' basic neutrals?  Tans, whites, off whites, browns and blacks are coming back!  They are timeless and make decorating as easy as pie.  Here are a few of Factory Direct Blind's favorite neutral decorating ideas.


Burlap is wonderful.  It is soft, easy to use and goes with so many things.  It really is the most neutral of all neutrals!  There are hundreds of fun do-it-yourself projects with burlap - allowing  you to really customize your home.


By keeping colors muted and all in the same family, it really gives you a very cohesive look and feel.  Lighting also makes a big difference, so keep it nice and soft to achieve a candle lit feel.


Here is another great example of a soft neutral bedroom.  Note the wonderful roman shades.  To achieve this great look we suggest trying out our Roman shade in the Simplistic Collection in the color "Carmel Buff".  It is a perfect tan color with a slight texture, and would go lovely with a white bedroom.

Carmel Buff-Roman shade


This shows how soft and comfortable black accents can feel.  It goes beautifully with the brown wall and furniture.  Also note the white crown molding, which keeps it feeling less modern and more casual.


White also always looks beautiful and clean.  It is almost an effortless elegance.  Going with all neutral colors is also easy for beginning decorators.


Most think that decorating with white leaves you will a very modern feel, but shabby chic counteracts that.  It shows that whites and neutrals can be soft cozy and even playful.  It also allows you to chose other colors to really be the star of the show!


For a child's bedroom, white may not be the first color that comes to mind.  On the other hand, what a perfect guest bedroom!  Make your guests really feel like they are on a luxury vacation in a 5 star hotel.


Neutrals don't just mean white.  There is a timeless look that comes with paring neutrals. Woven woods would match very well in this area.

Decorating can be an over whelming experience but by keeping things neutral it can sure make things a whole lot easier.



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