Bass Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds: The Daunting Decision

Bass Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds: The Daunting Decision
Both types of blinds can match your unique style and décor with stains and color choices that are anything but regular. The color choices range from countless shades of Alabaster to traditional wood stains. Faux wood and wood blinds share commonalities in function and home decor. They both provide optimal control over sunlight and look best in rooms where you are trying to attain an earthy feel. When choosing between the two window treatments, you should consider various factors such as room location, regional climate and interior suitability!



Bass Wood Blinds

Bass Wood Blinds from Factory Direct Blinds are made from 100% Real Bass Wood. They have a great look that provides a the warm, natural organic tone a room desperately needs. They require some care and love when cleaning as some chemicals should be avoided to prevent damage otherwise they are easy to maintain.  Bass Wood Blinds offer superior insulation, excellent privacy, and protection for your art and furniture from harsh sunlight. Along with their protection, they are long lasting and lightweight! Bass Wood Blinds are suitable for any house offering unmatched warmth and elegance in low humidity environments like in table rooms, study rooms, and guest rooms.


Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds look near identical to Bass Wood Blinds, hence the use of the word “faux” that means artificial or imitation. Faux Wood Blinds are made of PVC/vinyl material or wood composite material. Their slats either made using a vinyl/PVC material or a high-tech polymer coating a wooden core. The compiled materials make it extremely durable without any fading, cracking warping! Faux Wood Blinds are ideal for rooms with a higher level of humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens. Those people living in coastal areas or other high-humidity areas can use them without problems or second thoughts.


Lastly, whether you choose Bass Wood Blinds or Faux Wood Blinds for your home windows, everything in terms of quality and style will be fantastic. The type of blinds you choose depends mainly on your preferences, region, house and other minor factors like cost. No matter your choice, you will be impressed with their permanence and presence.

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