DIY Roman Shade... FAIL!

This is truly the age of DIY.  With pintrest and so many "How To" videos out there, we can't help but think when we see something cute, "Hey I can make that".  Roman shades seem to be one of the most popular do it yourself projects.  I have seen countless pins on how to turn an old mini blind into a roman shade.  Sounds almost to good to be true, and from what I have seen- it is!  Roman Shades started back in Rome and at the time were just dampened fabric hung in front of window openings to keep the dust from entering the homes and to keep the hot summer heat at bay.  Now Roman shades have evolved into beautiful fabric draperies with the convenience of a shade.  And with their increase in popularity, Roman shades have become the victim of the do it your-selfer.

roman shade fail3


You may have seen a few pretty nice looking homemade roman shades, but how safe are they?  When you have children,  safety is always the most important thing.  Making a shade may seem fun and more affordable, but something that is not professionally done doesn't have that safety factor.  Our Roman Shades are built with safety in mind.  They are also available cordless which is perfect if you have small children or pets running around.


Time is another huge part in DIY.  Making a shade is not just an hour long project.  After you have everything together, make sure you have some patience.

roman shade fail1


Here are some examples of some really badly built roman shades.  We at Factory Direct Blinds want to save you from this!  We offer free samples which takes to guess work out of wondering if your shade will match.


roman shade fail2


We want to save you from a possible catastrophic window covering.  Our friendly staff is here to answer any questions that you may have.  Always feel free to give us a call or send us a live chat!

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