Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Blackout Blinds

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Blackout Blinds
A blackout blind is a window treatment that prevents light from entering a room. Popular in offices, hotels and schools, these coverings are also an ideal choice for bedrooms, home theaters and nurseries. If you are interested in having them for your home, our guide will explain what makes these products unique, their biggest advantages over other window coverings and what to consider before you make your purchase.

Blackout Blinds vs. Light Filtering and Room Darkening Options

Blackout coverings are not the same as light filtering or room darkening blinds. While light filtering treatments avoid up to 95 percent of the glow from street lamps and sunlight, the room darkening type cuts out approximately 95-99 percent of brightness. In contrast, the blackout style uses a special material designed to eliminate illumination by 100 percent. While blackout styles may not make your space pitch black, they will make it almost completely dark at any time of day.

Some homeowners pick light filtering blinds or shades to improve the energy efficiency of their living room or kitchen while still benefiting from a light glow of the sun. Room darkeners provide a little more coverage for spaces that face the eastern side of the property or residences that become extremely hot in the summertime. Since blackout blinds make rooms much darker than their light filtering and darkening counterparts, they are most recommended for areas where you prefer total darkness and privacy.

If you are entertaining, reading or cooking in a room with a blackout style, you may need to open the blinds or lift the shades. You can also turn on an artificial light source to help you see better. Many windows make it possible to stack them over other light filtering models.

Biggest Benefits of Blackout Styles

These blinds absorb UV rays, keep homes cooler throughout the day and help to lower air conditioning costs. They are also helpful for parents with infants, professionals who work the night shift and families who prefer to sleep in on weekends. Watch your favorite movies during the late morning or afternoon without squinting. Relax and unwind from a hard day’s work while the sun is setting with a nap or meditation.

If you are a student or spend time in a home office, blackout blinds can help you read and stay focused. Watch an online presentation or cram for an exam without feeling uncomfortable heat or experiencing annoying glare. Blackout treatments are also an excellent choice for guest rooms. Transport your friends and family to a place of tranquil rest and leisure with the help of your favorite type of shade.

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Types of Blackout Blinds

Innovations in window treatments make it possible to enjoy more blackout options than ever. State-of-the-art materials, styles and textures also make the coverings feel better in between your fingers and fit tighter in each window. Select your favorite Roman, roller or single cell style. Manufacturers make several types with both cordless and non-cordless options, which help keep children and pets safe.

They also come in a spectrum of prints and colors. Choose from inside and outside mount products in shades like white, ivory and vanilla. If you prefer a darker color, such as espresso, storm or amber, companies offer blinds with a neutral-colored exterior-facing side. This option allows you to select a hue that compliments your bedroom or living area while helping you comply with homeowner’s association regulations and maintaining your property’s curb appeal. If you want to go elegant or bold, you can also purchase blackouts embellished with paisley or flower designs.

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Measuring and Installing Blackout Blinds

Adding blackout products to your home is no different than any other type of blind, and taking measurements is the same as with another style of shade. Decide if you prefer an inside or outside mounted treatment, then account for height and width accordingly. Brands will usually have a minimum and maximum width and height, so be sure the treatments you choose will fit your windows appropriately.

No matter what kind of mount you choose, the only supplies required are a measuring tape, pencil, notepad and highlighter. After you determine your measurements and provide your manufacturer with your numbers, they will create your custom blinds to your specifications. They will also ship them to your door. Once you receive them, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. You’ll be able to install and enjoy your blackout coverings yourself with little time and effort.

There are so many reasons to choose blackout blinds for your home. If you and your family will benefit from the ease of use, energy savings and comfort that blackout treatments will provide, it’s time to start browsing for a set of coverings in your ideal color and material. Happy shopping!

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