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Faux Woods for Summer

Since the weather is warming up, homeowners begin looking for new and smarter ways to keep their home cool.  You can close doors and turn on fans but, that hot summer sun is warming up your home’s windows like a glass plate in a microwave. Before long, your window will be hot to the touch! That is the heat truly  affecting the temperature in your home! So what is the best way to protect your home from a warm window? A proper window treatment!


Faux Wood Blinds are perfect for the season of heat!  Faux Wood Blinds are notorious for their durability against the sun! Factory Direct Blinds Faux Wood window treatments refuse to warp, crack or delaminate and are coated with a UV protectant to preserve the interior of your home. These are the window treatments built to combat intense heat damage brought to your home.

Not only will Faux Wood Blinds withstand every season, Factory Direct Blinds carries the most sought after Woodtones for that real Basswood look, at a cheaper price! Faux Wood window treatments will protect your home, fill your wallet and bring beauty to your home!

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