Getting Bold With Mini Blinds!

Getting Bold With Mini Blinds!
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Most play it safe when it comes to window treatments. I mean you really can never go wrong with a simple off white, horizontal, faux wood blind, or even just a standard white mini blind.  They go with almost all decors and you do not have to worry about decorating around your window covering.  But who ever got far by playing it safe? Bold accent colors are an easy way to liven up a rather boring room,and new blinds in a fun color can do just that. Window coverings are an easy, affordable  way to change it up without having to change much.

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Mini Blinds are the most inexpensive way to add that pop you're looking for. They have come a long way from the cold, doctor office, metal looking, window covering. Not only do they come in a huge array of colors, they also are made of a very strong aluminum alloy and will not warp in extremely humid climates. So they can be functional as well as decorative. That's a win win in my book.

Red is the most common accent color. It pairs beautifully with white, black, and even shades of brown. Believe it or not, red mini blinds are one of the most popular searched blind. They add the perfect amount of color without being in your face. Bathrooms and kitchens are a great place in the home to experiment with bright colors including red.

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Black mini blinds are also gaining popularity. They are perfect for a more contemporary style and add depth to any room. They look bold in bedrooms, yet are lovely for a modern living room. Black tends to also be less intimidating than other accent colors.

black mini1

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Don't be afraid to try something bold and exciting when it comes to picking out new window coverings!


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