How to Match Blinds With Your Room.

How to Match Blinds With Your Room.
Blinds and wood shadesCreating a complete look and feel for your home is easy if your are starting from scratch or work as a professional designer.  But what about the rest of us who have a budget for changing just a couple items?

Here is how you can make one simple change to your room to give it a whole new look and feel.

The first thing to do is to simplify your room so the changes you make will stand out and not be hidden by the clutter.  What that means is taking a hard look at every item in your room and deciding if it should stay or go.  Do you really need to hang on to those nick knacks from the vacation to Texas 10 years ago?  How about a yard sale?

Carpinteria BrickOnce you have the room simplified you can focus on the element you can change for the most impact.  That may be a rug or chair.

Lets say you have a light colored room that has only one chair that is brown or a brighter standout color.

This will be your focus piece you will use to create a point of interest.

Now that you have your piece picked out, all you need to do is accent it with blinds or shades that complement or match the look and feel of the chair.  If it is a brown chair then you can have a huge impact on the entire room by simply selecting a matching real or faux wood blind for your windows.

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In addition to color you can use texture and light filtration to do your matching.  This is where honeycomb blinds and roman shades can make a huge difference.  Before you purchase any window covering to complete your room your should make sure to order some free samples so you know the color and texture of the blinds are going to be perfect.

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