How to Match Curtains and Blinds – 4 Helpful Tips

How to Match Curtains and Blinds – 4 Helpful Tips

Many homeowners like to pair blinds with curtains. The various layers add depth to a room and provide an extra level of privacy. Other benefits to a combination of curtains and blinds include making your space darker, softening outside noise and improving your home’s energy efficiency. If you want this combination of window coverings in your home but aren’t sure how to match them, we have a few styling tips for you. Try these tricks and pointers straight from experienced interior design and home improvement professionals.

1. Pick Your Blinds First 

It’s common to buy your blinds and curtains at the same time. If you’re shopping this way, make sure you start with the blinds first. Blinds sit closest to the window, so they provide the aesthetic foundation for the space. They also face the outside of your house, so they need to be dynamic. We recommend selecting a neutral shade such as white or cream. These hues are most likely to match your interior and exterior. 

If you prefer a bold color, just make sure it complements your entire room. Blinds are constantly changing and are now available in everything from pink to dark green. Some of the most popular blinds for layering include roller shades, Zebra shades and Roman shades. Venetian blinds and wood blinds are also among the top homeowner favorites. Once you choose your blinds and have a basic look in mind, you’ll be ready to select your curtains. 

2. Consider Your Color Scheme 

By now, you’ve decided on neutral blinds or picked a solid color that matches your room’s décor. As you move to browsing curtains, consider a couple of elements. First, your curtains need to complement your blinds. They also need to work with the rest of the space. You have a couple of options to make this happen, including choosing a solid color that accents your blinds or incorporating a pattern. If you choose to go with something printed, just make sure your blinds don’t feature patterns as well.  

Multicolored stripes are both fun and bright when you match them with white or beige. Bold colored shades and blinds can easily be paired with a chic floral pattern. Other possibilities for patterns include dots, geometric shapes and boho-inspired designs. If you’re feeling adventurous, let your shades feature a pattern while your curtains take on the solid color. You’ll find Roman shades in prints like quatrefoil and paisley. 

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3. Think About Texture 

The texture of your blinds and curtains can really create a mood in your room. Infuse a light, airy feel by pairing your Venetian blinds with flowing, sheer curtains. If you want to create a cozy ambiance, choose thicker fabric curtains. 

Materials with a blackout lining will help your blinds keep out heat and sunlight. This feature is an excellent choice for bedrooms, offices and baby nurseries. When selecting textures, don’t pick anything that clashes with your blinds. When pairing wood blinds with curtains, you’ll want to go with hardier fabrics, while lighter shades will pair well with long, delicate curtains. 

4. Get a Custom Fit 

Your blinds and curtains will look best together when they have a custom fit. Each of your blinds should sit snug within your window, no matter the style. The curtains you choose should cover the windows completely, with extra width or length to elongate the room or enhance the texture of the space. 

Measure each one of your windows with our how to measure shades and blinds guide. Once you have your numbers in hand, it’s time to select quality Venetian blinds, Roman shades or roller shades. When you’re ready to order, you’ll provide the measurements on the ordering page. Your blinds will be made to your exact specifications so they look chic and seamless inside your windows. The curtains you put on top will then look more neat and stylish. 

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Create Beautiful Spaces with Quality Window Coverings 

No matter your personality and style, it takes time to choose the right combination of blinds and curtains. By following the tips in this guide, you’ll make the process much easier on yourself. Imagine both types of window coverings together, and don’t be afraid to choose different looks for the various rooms in your house. Selecting a variety of blinds and curtains can make each space feel unique and memorable.  

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