How to Measure a Bay Window for Blinds

How to Measure a Bay Window for Blinds
Bay windows can be beautiful.  Finding a window covering that will not only enhance your window but also fit properly can be difficult.  Without a proper fit, your window covering will not function correctly.  Measuring for window treatments in general can be scary.  We have an easy-to-follow measuring guide for all of our window treatments using the following link /how-to-measure.  Bay windows are a little different, so here are a few extra steps to ensure you're measuring like a pro!

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    1. Cut 6 pieces of cardboard or use business cards.

    1. Determine where your mounting surface will be and make sure there is enough space for the brackets.

    1. Position the pieces of cardboard so the front edges meet, as if they are the actual blind headrails.

    1. Make a pencil mark  at the back of the cardboard where the headrail will end.  If you do not wish to mark on the woodwork, put a small piece of masking tape at the location and mark on it.

    1. Measure the left and right blinds from the place you made the mark to the outside where you want the headrail to end.  Measure the center blind between the marks.Round all measurements to the nearest 1/8".

    1. Be sure to double check all measurements.

    1. Order blinds marked as Inside Mount.

    1. Cord position is also important.  Most of the time the cord with be on the outside windows on each side.  For added safety, we offer a cordless option.

    1. Keep in mind the depth of the headrail for the various window treatments.


Here are a few more tips when measuring for any window covering:

Always use a steel measuring tape, not a cloth one.

Round to the nearest 1/8''.

Measure all windows, even if the windows look the same.  Window measurements can vary.

Be sure to double check your measurements before you place an order.

Now that you have the measurements taken care of,  the fun part is picking out the perfect window treatment.  Keep in mind that bay windows are beautiful on their own so something minimal is best.  If you have a gorgeous view you will want something that allows you to still appreciate it.  Roman shades are a simple and decorative solution; they can be lowered for full privacy or kept open to so you can enjoy your window.

Woven Woods or Bamboo shades are also great for these large windows, they are available with light filters to keep your kitchen feeling bright and cheery.  We offer an upgraded top down/bottom up feature so that you can allow sunlight in while enjoying your privacy.

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As always, we are here to help with any measuring questions you may have.  Feel free to send us an email at or give us a call!


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