S is for Summer & S Curve Vertical Window Treatments

As the heat rolls through you home, S Curve Vertical Blinds will quickly find its way into your everyday vocabulary. As we discussed in our last blog, Faux Woods for Summer, Faux Wood Blinds are fantastic for withstanding UV rays and keeping your home cool! As for large windows which become a larger problem once the temperatures rise, Faux Woods are not the most convenient treatment to maneuver.

3 1/2" S Curve Verticals

A window treatment for all seasons and window sizes, S Curve Vertical Blinds will be your saving grace. The unique S shaped slats fit together perfectly and block out any unwanted sunlight! S Curved Vertical Blinds also suit larger windows perfectly!They come with the option of choosing a hassle-free cord, chain or wand to open and close  so, say good-bye to tugging blinds open! Did I mention their wide variety of colors and textures to choose from? S Curve Vertical Blinds will look beautiful on your large windows and magnificent in your home! These are the blinds your windows will practically be begging for!

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