The Best Part of Back to School


As summer break comes to an end, we finish up our last minute family vacations and prepare for the dreaded "Back to School" shopping.  However, it isn't exactly what it used to be and is definitely not as dreaded as it once was.  I believe that there are two major reasons that back to school shopping is something that parents can look forward to- as much as their kids do.

The first reason is the Internet.  Every time I see a commercial for a store, they are also advertising their website or phone app!  You can get everything that is offered at their physical location from the comfort of your own home, and often for a little (or a lot) less with offers such as "free shipping" and "Cyber Monday".  Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the time saved and print out that handy checklist that you found on Pinterest to make your life a little easier and more organized?


The second reason (and I'll be honest, the BEST reason) is the excuse for you to shop all of the sales that have NOTHING to do with pens, paper and backpacks!  In this rough economy, we know that every little bit helps and when we have the opportunity to, we like to help keep a couple extra dollars in our pockets.  Now that the summer fun is over, and you have paid for that family vacation, you are able to splurge a little!  You may choose to get some nice new Faux Wood or Basswood Blinds with a FREE privacy upgrade to replace the old Mini Blinds that are barely hanging on.


You may also consider getting a more modern looking Cellular Shade that you keep seeing on Pinterest.  We are now offering them "Top Down/Bottom Up" at no cost to you-for a limited time only!!


If you want to splurge a little, without feeling guilty, I say go for it!  After having your kids at home for almost three months non-stop (I'm sure you loved every second of it) you deserve a little ‘back to school shopping’ treat too.

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