Things We Love About Faux Wood Blinds!

Things We Love About Faux Wood Blinds!
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Faux Wood Blinds are our most popular blind sold at Factory Direct Blinds.  We love all of the many options that a faux wood blind has to offer.  They come in a large variety of colors to chose from and can go with any home's decor.

The classic white faux wood is a staple in any home.  They can look casual or even contemporary.  With many shades of white to chose from, we are sure you can find one to match any baseboards, crown molding or wall color in your home.

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Faux woods are not just available in white.  We also offer many different wood tones, so that you can match your rooms flooring or furniture.

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Faux wood blinds are the go-to choice when it comes to bathrooms.  Unlike real wood blinds, they do not warp from the moisture.  They are also ideal for areas that have high humility levels.

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Faux woods are perfect for the laundry room because of the moisture in the air.

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With many wood tone options, you can also find a color that will match your cabinets perfectly.


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Another great thing about faux wood blinds is the price; they are more affordable than basswood blinds but you are able to achieve the same look.  This makes them perfect for a formal dinning room.

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