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What is Feng Shui and How Can I Get Some?

There is a feeling you get when you walk into a visually stunning room. When a window treatment contributes just as much to the room as the painting beside it, you are left giving praise to the entire space. That feeling of unity, where everything comes together, is the harmonization of feng shui.

What exactly is Feng shui? Feng shui is a philosophical system, linked to Daoism, that unifies people to their surrounding environment. Feng Shui is a geomancy of arranging objects, buildings and natural elements in such an auspicious way that it positively affects the well-being of  living things around them. You usually hear the word feng shui as a description loosely thrown around but, there is a basic formula to truly bringing this system into your home.

The Recipe to Feng Shui:

  • Put your trust in soothing colors.

  • Be mindful about where you place furniture and other decor.

  • Keep different levels of lighting available at your control.

  • Embrace the elements! Wood, wind, metal, fire and earth must be incorporated into your room! This is one of the most crucial steps.

What does Feng Shui look like once it's put together?


This room sticks to the recipe! OH THE UNITY. Take note of the metal lantern on top of the wooden dresser, all brought together by a buzzing yellow lamp and calming walls. Like I said before, light control is very important. Being able to dim the lights when you need a break is a simple and affordable luxury. Take notes on the window treatment in this picture! Roman Shades look magnificent and provide you with the utmost power over light control! You can find some pretty neat ones at Factory Direct Blinds. OH THE DEALS.


The Feng Shui is strong in this one. The ceiling light knocks out two birds with one stone while representing both metal and wind! The Woven Wood Shades also knock out wood and light control! This designer must have been checking off that Feng Shui list left and right! Let us not overlook a wonderful bedding color that releases the tranquility every busy mind begs for. Also important is the placement of the bed because placing your bed away from walls maintains the balance in a room. This, this is a well balanced room.

Achieving Feng Shui can be a task but the end reward makes the challenge worth it! When you can add more than one element into a room with a desk or a window treatment, then the outcome arrives quicker than you imagined! The key to success is remaining calm and keeping a Feng Shui list in your back pocket. The best way to start your room transformation, in my opinion, is with a call to Factory Direct Blinds. 1(800)355-2546

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