What's Trending: Window Nooks

There are going to days where you would like to look out the window while you stay cozy inside. Those are the days where you will wish you had a window nook. What is a window nook? It is quite possibly the most comfortable way to read a good book or sit a day dream for a bit.  A window nook is typically a bay window revamped with a bench, decorative cushions, surrounded by shelves and topped with a window treatment from Factory Direct Blinds. Anywhere there is a window, you can surely make a nook out of it! Even kitchens look bright and welcoming with a breakfast nook!



Window treatments are a necessity when it comes to nooks.  Especially at a reading nook! You do not want to be sweating while you are reading a peaceful book about the country side. Woven Wood Shades will make you at one with your book. And when the sun rises while you eat at your kitchen nook, you are going to wish you had some Wood Blinds to protect you while you adjust to waking up.

All in all, this is a trend that needs to be taken advantage of! If you have a window, you have a potential space for comfort and relaxation! If you want relaxation, you're going to need a window treatment!

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