5 Reasons to Choose Pleated Blinds for Your Home

5 Reasons to Choose Pleated Blinds for Your Home
Today’s most innovative and stylish window blinds come equipped with a variety of helpful features. When you choose the right window treatments for your home, you’ll be able to control everything from your family’s safety to the amount of sunlight you need. Pleated blinds are one of the most popular types of window coverings today.

Their unique look, coupled with their range of benefits, makes them a homeowner’s favorite for nearly any room. Learn more below about why pleated window blinds are so fashionable. After browsing their major advantages, you may decide to purchase some of your own.

1. They Look Neat and Stylish

Many of today’s homeowners like a sleek and modern interior look. If this sounds like you, pleated blinds are sure to complement your décor. Each of these window coverings features a slim stack height, which keeps them out of sight until it’s time to use them.

Depending on your design preferences, it’s also possible to install them at the top or bottom of your window. These are called top-down, bottom-up window blinds. Once you pull them down, you’ll notice how their customizable fit enhances everything from small windows to French doors. The fabric material allows soft light in, creating a cozy and relaxed ambiance.

2. They Keep Your Home More Comfortable

Pleated window blinds have a special coating. This reflective material on top of the fabric keeps harmful UV rays from entering your home. While you’ll feel less hot during the summer, you will also stay warmer in winter.

The same properties that block heat and sunlight from coming inside also work to keep cold air from penetrating your windows. As a plus, your furnace won’t have to work as hard. With pleated blinds, you’ll effortlessly control the amount of light entering each room while maintaining your desired degree of privacy. Make each space lighter or darker by choosing from a variety of fabric colors.

3. They’re Durable

More homeowners than ever are choosing pleated blinds because they last a while. The pleated design naturally keeps its shape, which means you can keep your window coverings for years to come. Since they easily fold out of the way, you’ll have to maintain them less often than many other options.

Even if you choose a dark color for your blinds, features like thermal layers and UV-blocking coatings will ensure they retain their bold look. While they’re not as thick as cellular blinds, their similar honeycomb design prevents them from bending or breaking.

cordless cellular pleated shades

4. They’re Family-Friendly

Nearly every model of pleated blinds come with a cordless option. Whether you have small children, active grandchildren or need to protect curious pets, window coverings without cords mean there’s even less risk of an accident in your home. Enjoy peace of mind while your loved ones are able to gaze outside or enjoy some fresh air. The secure, stacked design also makes kids less likely to play with them.

Pleated treatments are also excellent for families on a budget. While they are more affordable than cellular shades, they have the same look. Plus, they’re still made of high quality, non-toxic fabric material.

5. They Fit Any Home Décor

Pleated products come in a spectrum of colors and patterns. Choose a classic, cordless, top-down, bottom-up design in a classic hue like Slate, Tusk or Powder. Or, you can opt for a single-cell, cordless fashion in a dark shade like Safari or Plymouth.

Select from a two-tone design—or go with a single color. This feature is perfect for people who have homeowners association rules or don’t want a bold hue facing their exterior. While one side is classic white, the other side can be any shade you like. Play with color combinations such as Moss, Amber and Storm. Order one type for the kids’ rooms and another for yours.

pleated beige blinds

Finding the Perfect Pleated Blinds for Your Home

Now that you’re interested in pleated blinds for your home, you may still be stacking them up against cellular blinds. Besides the variations in cost and material thickness, the difference between pleated and cellular blinds involves more insulation for your windows. If you’re concerned about energy efficiency or staying warm in the coldest of climates, you may choose to consider cellular blinds as another long-lasting and fashionable option.

Pleated blinds are even an excellent option for north- or south-facing rooms that don’t receive enough sunlight. No matter whether you furnish one room or every space in your house, the soft, filtered light of pleated blinds is sure to enhance everything from your bedrooms and bathrooms to your family rooms and dining room.

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