9  Perfect Window Coverings for Your Dream Kitchen

9  Perfect Window Coverings for Your Dream Kitchen

Since you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, it is important that your window coverings provide you and your family with the right combination of beautiful design, functional use and efficient privacy. Much to homeowners’ delight, today’s custom window treatment manufacturers provide more options than ever for blinds and shades to fit every residence’s aesthetic and preference.

Whether you are looking for a classic, easy-to-clean, neutral look or a vibrant, faux wood style that matches your home’s unique personality, the list of treatments we bring you here will give you enough inspiration to choose the custom fashion you’ve always wanted.

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Faux wood blinds are made of affordable polyvinyl (PVC), but they appear just like the real thing. These unique features make homeowners look like they’ve splurged on their window coverings without having to pay the hefty price tag. Also, since authentic basswood blinds tend to warp in moist, humid environments such as kitchens, faux wood will also save you from an unpolished look and regular blind replacement.

These easy-to-use coverings are well known for their easy-wipe properties, which makes them perfect for busy kitchens. Simply wash them with soap and water, and they’ll look new again. In addition, faux wood blinds come in nearly any color of the rainbow. Many families like a classic white look, but these blinds are also available in richer tones, from black to chestnut.

Since most kitchens have a large amount of light coming through the windows, wood blinds offer a thick material that effectively tempers brightness and glare. Whether you prefer a slim 1-inch style or a larger 2 1/2-inch look, you can find an excellent PVC covering in shades like butternut, cherry and cream white.

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Families who prefer a natural or eclectic style should consider woven wood shades. These lightweight coverings add a subtle texture without too much heaviness. They also provide a splash of seemingly effortless color and interest to a white or off-white kitchen. In addition, they look great in rooms with either a simple color scheme or rich earth tones. If you need to block sunlight, there are also room darkening and blackout styles available.

Woven wood shades come in a wide variety of colors, from tortoise to camel to coffee. Best of all, most manufacturers now offer standard pull cord, continuous cord loop and cordless options. These diverse features allow homeowners to select the most convenient way to open and close their shades, making it easy to take in or block sunlight at any time of day. Cordless options are an excellent choice for families with small children or pets.

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Roman shades are perfect for nearly any kitchen because they are exceptionally efficient in deflecting the sun’s powerful rays. Whether you are washing the dinnertime dishes or cooking breakfast, these coverings will effectively eliminate glare both in the morning and the evening.

The rich, durable fabric Roman shades are known for will also increase your home’s energy efficiency. They’re ideal for homeowners who want to achieve a polished aesthetic. Since they stack up evenly when opened, they provide an effortlessly clean look without unsightly creases or bumps. This makes Roman shades perfect for kitchen windows on the curb side of the home.

In addition, these treatments come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can play up a chromatic kitchen space or enhance neutral colors. If you are looking for something simple, consider a basic and affordable treatment with a light filtering liner.

Choose from hues like white, off-white, stone and rye. If you’d rather make a statement, purchase a custom floral Roman shade in a modern paisley or classic small-print pattern. The boldest styles include luscious lime green, coral and blue geometrics or thick, smoky hues with glittering gold pinstripes.

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The ideal covering for traditional and farmhouse kitchens, roller shades offer a classic, clean look enjoyed for generations. As their name suggests, they roll up tightly like wrapping paper, making them usable on even the tiniest windows. They are easy to open and close, which means any member of the family can help out on a sunny day or at nightfall. While vinyl shades are best for sink areas, cooking spaces and family kitchens, you can also select from a variety of fabric designs and colors.

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Purchase these treatments in classic white, rich hunter green or sophisticated linen. These models even come in on-trend hues like chocolate, coffee and ash. Black-out roller shades are also available for cooling down especially bright and warm areas. If you are having trouble seeing or getting comfortable in the middle of making a meal, you can reduce sunlight and temperature in seconds.

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Warm, sunny kitchens will undoubtedly benefit from cellular shades, which are one of the most energy efficient window coverings on the market. Their honeycomb design includes state of the art insulation and light diffusion material, which provides an extraordinary combination of heat and light filtering. These benefits help you save on utility bills while reducing excessive warmth and glare.

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Choose from cordless cellular models to avoid snags and safety issues, or upgrade to a top-down, bottom-up style which offers total control over the amount of light you let in at any time. Keep them totally closed as the sun rises or sets, then open them at varying degrees on cloudy afternoons or shady periods. While these shades look beautiful in white and off-white, you can also find them in darker neutral colors, as well as unique hues like purple, light green, and yellow. In addition to their functional advantages, they are extremely customizable.

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Solar shades are the gold standard for sunny kitchens and warm, humid climates. Since they are one of the most weather resistant window coverings available, they prevent mold and mildew growth, excess moisture and harsh sunlight from affecting your kitchen. Choose from 1 percent to more than 10 percent openness, depending on your environmental and light blocking needs.

These versatile shades also come in a spectrum of sizes to protect small windows and huge, open spaces. Whatever type you select, you will enjoy various colors in sleek, modern fabrics and textures. You can find solar shades in ivory, silver and charcoal, as well as trendy hues like ebony pearl, ecru and merlot. Many of these innovative treatments are available in cordless models, saving you even more time and effort while keeping kids safe from danger.

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bamboo blinds room chair sunlight

If you are interested in a variation to the woven wood shade, shop for bamboo blinds. These kitchen favorites play up an earthy, natural look and come in many different handcrafted, woven textures. They are also exceptionally durable, which means they are one of the most beautiful and long-lasting window coverings available.  

Since they are organic and eco-friendly, they are perfect for homeowners who are interested in creative ways to make less impact on the environment. They also add privacy and sun protection while offering subtle flair to kitchens comprised of brown, tan, copper and muted green tones. Select your favorite taupe or brown shade in a variety of sizes. Your kitchen will be the talk of your next dinner party or family gathering.

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Mini blinds are great for kitchen spaces because they are made of durable, long-lasting aluminum. If you prefer a sleek, compact and affordable look, you can find these coverings in both 1-inch and 2-inch styles. Classic treatments with 6 gauge aluminum are dent resistant and offer excellent lighting control. Premier mini blinds are heavy duty and come with an anti-static, dust-repellant coating. This cuts down on maintenance and upkeep in busy kitchens or homes with young families.

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If you are looking for even more privacy and sophistication, consider options for the larger 8 gauge design. These blinds also come in one of the widest selections of colors. If you want to achieve a clean, simple look, choose treatments in white satin or pearl. Homeowners who are interested in a more modern or standout style will enjoy shades like Chinese red, forest green, pale pink and brushed aluminum.

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Some homes have kitchens with sliding doors, long windows and apertures facing east to west. In these cases, vertical blinds can make your space more comfortable. While PVC blinds are one of the most classic and easy to clean options, you can also choose from fabric or woodtone. While fabric is best for doors and windows that sit away from sinks and stoves, woodtone is another material that provides the gorgeous look of real wood without the risk of damage.

Whatever type you choose, you can rest assured knowing your vertical coverings will be easy to clean and open. They also allow your family to look outside during weekday dinners or Sunday breakfast without sacrificing privacy. If you prefer the durability of PVC, white, beige and sand treatments are among the best sellers. Homeowners love fabric verticals in blue, green and grey, while wood tones are unforgettable in shades like mahogany, oak and walnut.

Cord draws are available on the left side, right side or center to fit windows and doors in every spot of your kitchen. Include a combination of verticals along with faux wood blinds or roller shades to provide the best privacy and sun protection in a large, diverse kitchen space. Mix and match colors, materials and styles for a look that is uniquely modern or traditional.


Interior design professionals say every kitchen tells a story. Some desire their cooking space to exude a sophisticated calm or timeless elegance. In this case roller shades and Roman shades are excellent options. If you want to have one of the most standout kitchens in the neighborhood, consider bamboo blinds, woven wood shades or solar shades.

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These materials don’t appear in every kitchen and are both effective coverings and conversation starters. Still, others want the perfect combination of durability and design. Mini blinds and faux wood blinds will continue to be popular for a put-together look and exceptional function.

While considering how you want your kitchen to appear, you should also think about how you envision the perfect day of cooking, cleaning and spending time with family. If sun often gets in your eyes while you work, choose a window covering with the most efficient light blocking potential. If you don’t want your neighbors to see you while making your breakfast or Thanksgiving turkey, select treatments that give you the most privacy.

With these considerations in mind, you can find shades or blinds that make your life easier and allow you to fully enjoy being in your kitchen. The good news is that every window covering on this list is guaranteed to provide your space with a gorgeous design and effortless functionality.

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