Are Your Windows Dressed For Company?

Are Your Windows Dressed For Company?
It is finally December. My favorite month of the year. Which means that holiday entertaining is upon us.The fancy silver comes out,  grandma's china is on display, the house is clean and your mother in law seems impressed. That is until she sees your sad window treatments. After going through all the trouble to do your best don't let window coverings bring you down! There are many options when it comes to sprucing up your old and boring windows.



Roman Shade's popularity have increased within the last few years. You are able to get the feel of drapery yet have the versatility of a standard shade. And with so many color and light filtration options including black out, roman shades are the go to when you want to get that designer feel.


Mini Blinds are also coming around with so many color options, they are the most affordable way to remodel a window. They can make a huge difference when compared to old or out dated blinds.

woven wood1

Another window treatment that is sometimes not thought about are woven woods. You can get that same drapery feel yet the look is more casual and organic. They create a comfortable softness to any room.

Window treatments are an effortless way to make that lasting impression that you are looking for.And with so many  options, there is a window treatment for every one.


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