Blinds for the Boardroom: Classic Mini Blinds and More

Blinds for the Boardroom: Classic Mini Blinds and More
You spend just as much time at your workplace as you do at home, so it’s important to create a space that you’re comfortable in. Sure, you might not be able to completely decorate the way you’d like, but there are some window coverings that are perfect for the office.

What Are Mini Blinds?

The one thing your work environment requires is practicality, and that’s what mini blinds offer. They’re your standard blinds that open and close without too much complication. They even have a cordless option, which is perfect for times when you’re working and can’t get up to adjust the blinds. If you have a large office, these window coverings provide the ultimate shield against sunlight, which is needed if you are working during sunrise and sunset hours. Mini blinds have been around for a long time, and there’s a huge possibility you’ve worked in an office or lived in a home that had them installed. However, this decor has changed a bit over the years, making them useful for more than just a covering for the window.

Mini Blinds in the Workplace

Privacy is important when it comes to doing your job. Whether you’re having a one on one meeting with an employee, or having a meeting with the management staff, these blinds will come in handy. The last thing you need is to have your coworkers peeping in on important meetings. Rest assured, mini blinds will keep your office out of sight. Privacy mini blinds are designed to only allow a little bit of light to shine through the slats, and if completely closed, no one can look in. However, you might not want to be shielded from your coworkers all day long, so you can raise the blinds, just like with traditional blinds. Additionally, a lot of privacy window coverings come in aluminum, which gives your office or boardroom a chic look.

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Different Shaped Windows

Another great thing about mini blinds is that they can fit a variety of different window shapes. That’s good news because office windows tend to be different from the ones at home, and the mini blinds can be installed and adjusted to any size. If you have an office with irregular windows, don’t fret. There’s a good chance you can get a custom fit for the windows.

Easy to Clean

Since your mini blinds will be used at work, I doubt if you’ll be doing any cleaning. However, if you notice a buildup of dust, a simple washcloth will do the trick. Since you spend so much time at work, you don’t want to inhale dust and allergens all day. So, no matter if you clean your office or someone else cleans it, you don’t have to worry about a difficult cleaning process.

Consider Using Them at Home

There’s no doubt that mini blinds are great for office use, but they’re good for your home, too. Keeping out nosy neighbors is just as important as keeping out nosy employees. It’s a good idea to install 1-inch mini blinds to help control the sunlight and room temperature. Plus, you can decorate over the blinds at home, as opposed to the office. Although these window coverings are simple, nice draperies turn it into a completely different decor.

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Make the Switch to Mini Blinds

Having complete privacy when you need it is a good feeling. Whether you need to take a quick nap or have a moment to yourself to reset, mini blinds provide the shield you need. And you definitely don’t want the office workers going back to tell everyone what they saw in the staff meeting– privacy is key. Not to mention they come in a few different hues so you can spruce up the look of your office a bit. Plus, it keeps you from staring at boring colors throughout the day. No matter whether you use mini blinds for your personal office or boardroom, they’ll provide the peace and quiet you need to handle a busy work day.

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